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May 24
23:12 2023 Examines The Best Game Engines of 2023

Game development is an incredibly complex process, but choosing the right engine can make it much easier. The problem is that new engines and updates to existing ones are being released all the time, which can make choosing the right framework from which to build a new game a challenge. Read on to find out about a few of the best game engines in 2023.

What Is a Game Engine?

A game engine is a piece of software that offers developers access to specialty tools to create video games. Each engine provides a different variety of tools. However, what they all have in common is that they are designed to reduce the tedium associated with traditional game development. Those tools can help with:

  • Calculating physics

  • Rendering graphics

  • Playing animations

  • Handling collisions

  • Compiling code

  • And more

These suites of tools can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to create a new game. Developers can check out a knockout post about the early days of their trade to see what a difference game engines have made. Otherwise, read on to find out about the most popular options for 2023.


Unity was first developed in 2005, but it has remained a staple of the indie game-making industry since then. Every year, the game engine’s developers release new updates and major features. Initially, it was considered well-suited only for 2D games. These days, though, many people are asking, Are game engines the future of 3D art? Thankfully, Unity in its current iteration is great for 3D art and even virtual reality game creation. The only problem is that the licenses for developing entire video game studios around Unity are costly.


Unreal is considered a powerhouse in today’s triple-A gaming industry thanks to its robust graphical capabilities. According to, though, that’s not the only thing the game engine has going for it. Unreal can also handle the most complicated tasks more efficiently than its competitors. Plus, it offers visual blueprinting to help non-programmers develop games. Unlike Unity, Unreal is best suited for large-scale projects developed by professional studios with powerful computers.

Cocos Creator

Cocos Creator has been around for nearly a decade but has only developed a following in recent years. This engine is free and open-source, supports 2D and 3D capabilities, and offers a unique, user-friendly approach to scene architecture and nodes that sets it apart from competitors. Like Unity and Unreal, it’s also compatible with Xsolla and other APIs. Not all game developers like Cocos Creator, though, largely because it uses a personal language for scripting that works well but is designed specifically for itself.

How to Choose the Best Game Engine

As should now be clear, no one game engine will be a good fit for every game. Developers should consider things like their budgets, coding capabilities, and graphics requirements before deciding which game engine to use. The three above are just a few examples of what’s out there, so don’t be afraid to explore. These days, there’s something for everyone, from indie developers to massive studios.


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