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Not all gaming platforms are equal… meet the next generation of gaming platform and community

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Not all gaming platforms are equal… meet the next generation of gaming platform and community

May 18
05:54 2023
The next generation gaming platform for tournaments, game testing, ranking, fitness and more!

Since starting in 2022, the Gaming Phenoms team, led by Chief Gaming Officer Remy Gogoll, has created a space that offers serious gaming and elevates the concept of gaming community to new heights.

As of May 2023, the platform offers Fitness Phenoms, a complete 60-day workout package including a body weight training program and nutritional guidance, for $9.99. Training programs are designed by a certified master trainer and a former international professional athlete. Designed to help gamers find balance between gaming and physical well-being, each workout is 25 minutes and can be done just about anywhere.

In August 2023, Gaming Phenoms will launch the online television station PhenomTV. Programming will include reviews of new games, gaming and gaming hacks, mental health topics, sports, up-and-coming music, science, and much more… all for free! The station offers corporate partners the opportunity to engage with hundreds of thousands of consumers that are known for brand loyalty and consistent spending.

Gaming Phenoms has made bold moves within the game testing arena by offering all phases of game testing services, from alpha to final testing, for free to game developers. In exchange, they ask to be a Super Affiliate and to be a primary launch platform for the game when it goes to market. CGO Remy Gogoll explains, “We want to partner with the game developers to help level the playing field for Indie and smaller developers. It is well known the high cost of testing can strain any developer’s budget. We are in this relationship for the long term, and we are willing to absorb the testing cost to share in the game’s revenue.” He continues, “This is a win-win scenario, and we are committed to the growth of gaming across all platforms and consoles.”

In April 2023, Gaming Phenoms launched the first gaming and eSports ranking system which allows players to be ranked in one game, or multiple. With the new multi-platform and intuitive ranking system, players get ranked in every game from the AAA mega-hits to smaller fringe Indie games.

The program also offers a “Ladder Challenge,” where any player can challenge any other player ranked within one hundred places of themselves. If the challenger wins, the players switch positions in the rankings! The Ladder Challenge promotes great competition and brings players together from across the globe. In June 2023, the “Ultimate Gamer” category will launch for gamers who are ranked in three or more games.

The platform offers both free and entry-fee events, as well as a paid membership option that offers unlimited ranking, increased points, private events, game testing, and more, with monthly membership at just $1.49. Gaming Phenoms CGO Remy Gogoll said, “We wanted the price to not be a factor. Players understand that we are a business and need to generate revenue, but we wanted to keep it fair.”

Check out – you won’t be disappointed.

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