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Achieving Sustainability Goals Together: Greenaider Launches New Web-Based All-In-One Eco-Impact Platform

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Achieving Sustainability Goals Together: Greenaider Launches New Web-Based All-In-One Eco-Impact Platform

May 16
01:33 2023

Leveraging Innovative Technology and Behavioral Science, Greenaider is Empowering Companies to Rally their People to Reduce Their Carbon Footprints and Accelerate Achieving their Sustainability Goals

Sustainability attainment is fast becoming a critical measure of a company’s overall performance and organizations are well aware that they need to reduce their carbon footprints and improve sustainability across their value chains. However, despite climate action being a key business imperative, many companies, large and small, struggle to translate these ambitions into long-term results. Recognizing that people are at the center of any successful change effort, Greenaider is on a mission to shift this narrative with innovation, diversity, equality, and unified communities.

Greenaider, an industry leader in providing sustainability engagement strategy services and climate-friendly educational content, is excited to announce the launch of its new web-based all-in-one eco-impact platform. Fusing science and technology in a fun activity-based environment, Greenaider is empowering individuals and organizations to learn and seamlessly adopt habit changes that are necessary to achieve global sustainability goals.

The Greenaider app leverages the power of behavioral science to mobilize change by making sustainable habits part of anyone’s daily life. A unique and immersive experience, this new platform serves as a carbon footprint calculator, eco-engagement channel, educational resource, and unparalleled reporting tool. Based on US-specific data for accuracy, and reinforced with robust privacy and security features, the Greenaider platform is safe, secure, and tailored to meet each company’s needs at the organization, team, and individual levels.

“Reaching net zero or better yet, net negative cannot be accomplished by leadership alone: it’s a team effort. We believe that the only way to effectively address climate change is by working together, and organizations can accelerate this effort by making it easier for their people to take climate action.” – Onyi Okafor, President, Greenaider

Greenaider brilliantly partners with its clients to roll out targeted climate goals and engagement strategies for their organization that their teams can easily adopt without disruption to daily life. Through proof of concept, dedication to community empowerment, and unwavering commitment to working together to achieve sustainability goals, Greenaider’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition with the newly launched web-based eco-impact platform.

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About Greenaider

Greenaider was founded in 2021 in Seattle, WA to make it simple and efficient for organizations to engage and empower their people to contribute towards their sustainability goals. Originally focused on providing sustainability engagement strategy services and climate-friendly educational content, Greenaider is expanding its climate-focused offerings with the recent launch of its web-based eco-impact platform targeted at individuals and organizations that are keen to accelerate achieving their climate goals. Greenaider aims to empower people wherever they are in the sustainability spectrum with the knowledge and tools to adopt more planet-friendly behaviors in their personal and professional lives and be motivated and equipped to contribute to their organization’s sustainability goals.





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