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Meet David Ala Aggayu: A Doctor in Anthropology, High Priest, and a Writer on African and Cuban Religion.

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Meet David Ala Aggayu: A Doctor in Anthropology, High Priest, and a Writer on African and Cuban Religion.

March 13
22:24 2023
David Ala Aggayu, has devoted most of his life to the study and promotion of the autochthonous, ethnological, and anthropological roots of the Lukumi-Santeria and Osha-Ifá religion, including magistrate teachings in Nkinsi Malongo (Palo Mayombe) and the History of West Africa.

David Ala Aggayu, has been a leading figure in the West African and Cuban, Yoruba-Lukumí religion, teaching Nkinsi Malongo, and training in Ifá-Orisa literature. 

Born on September 2, 1986, in Havana, Cuba, he was initiated as a Priest of Aggayú by his godmother, Teresa González Omi Sainde and Alina Blanco Omi Iya. He has since initiated more than ten thousand (10,000) people in the Palo and Orisha lukumi religion, has given thousands of Orishas of Adímú, and made thousands of spiritual mass. After his initiation as a priest, Dr. David Ala Aggayu, began to study ten hours a day, between theory and practice with other Obàses, he was trained in ceremonies, prayers, oracle of dilogun and thousands of songs. At the end of his Iyaworaje, he officiated his first orisha ceremony with one year and five (5) months of being crowned, and from there, his obsession with studying has not diminished. The constant studying has become an obsession that, the more he studies, the more questions he asks himself and the thirstier he becomes to satisfy a deep and broad knowledge of this religion. 

David Ala Aggayu is the Founder and President of the Asociacion Cultural Yoruba Lukumi in Houston, Texas, and, the first Cabildo Yoruba of Mexico, established in 2016, currently, the Cabildo, works with more than 400 members. In addition, David Ala Aggayu is also a Master Mason. David Ala Aggayu is also an Akpón, singer of Aña, the Yoruba folk Lúkúmí and Malongo (Palo Mayombe). Despite facing many obstacles in his early religious career, his obsessive study and commitment to the Yoruba Lúkúmí Afro-Cuban, and traditional culture and lineage has propelled him to travel the world for religious work, including Mexico, United States, all over Europe, Panama, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Colombia, and many other countries.

David Ala Aggayu, is a writer with 31 published books, which have sold more than 150,000 copies worldwide. David Ala Aggayu is a pillar, an icon, a professor, and a musician of the aboriginal and vernacular study of the Yoruba Lúkúmí roots of West Africa and present-day Cuba. David Ala Aggayu, presently lives in the state of Texas, where he resides with his beloved wife Reina Arencibia, who has being a driving force in his career. David is recognized as a Dr. Obà Oriaté, Master of Ceremonies in Santeria (Osha) and a writer worldwide. He has more than 800,000 followers on social media, and his YouTube channel; David Ala Aggayu, has more than 100,000 subscribers. To learn more about David Ala Aggayu and his life’s journey, visit

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