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Angel Baby, new single release song this 28th October 2022 by Rommel Balacanao

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Angel Baby, new single release song this 28th October 2022 by Rommel Balacanao

October 26
15:16 2022

Rommel is back again with a new cover song, this time around he will launch a cover to the song Angel Baby created by Troye Sivan. Rommel is no stranger to covers, in fact one of his recent covers named “In Case You Didn’t Know” original by Brett Young, has reached the iTunes charts and it stayed there for over 2 weeks under pop genre. The song was also played on the radio in the US and across Europe.

What makes Rommel’s unique is the fact that his version is very emotional but it still retains the core and essence of this modern song. Which is amazing, because it manages to add that unique appeal, while also retaining the important ideas and aspects behind the original.

The song itself is very exciting, and it does focus on the importance of love and how it manages to improve our life and wellbeing. It also shows how we get to eliminate many challenges in life if we believe in love and we let it guide us to the right results.

The cover version of Rommel is designed to help shine a light on those ideas, while bringing in something unique and empowering into the mix. It really is exciting and fun, and it totally offers a great perspective, while eliminating many issues that can sometimes arise in a situation like this. It’s engaging and powerful, and one of those things that people will appreciate quite a bit. Cover art was taken at Boracay Island during his summer holiday back home to his beloved country with his family and cousins this year 2022. From top left Venus Soriano, Rose Plan, Rommel, Rebecca Balacanao. From bottom left Samantha Balacanao and William Balacanao.

At the same time, the song is very empowering and Rommel Balacanao’s take on it is not only great, but also very emotional. It adds a lot of character and it manages to push the limits, while offering a unique sense of power and it definitely moves you with its great lyrics.

If you want to listen Rommel Balacanao’s cover of “Angel Baby”, you can start listening to it on all major music platforms starting on October 28th. It’s one of those creative covers that will stick for you in the long run and you will definitely want to have it on repeat. Why? Because it’s exciting, it’s fun and it definitely offers a unique and rewarding perspective that you do not want to miss. Check it out for yourself at the end of October!

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