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How’s a 100% sRGB NTSC Color Gamut Monitor? Explore Quantum Dot Technology in the 2022 DEPGI Portable Monitor

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How’s a 100% sRGB NTSC Color Gamut Monitor? Explore Quantum Dot Technology in the 2022 DEPGI Portable Monitor

October 26
17:21 2022

DEPGI has announced the immediate availability of a new portable monitor with a 100% sRGB HDR Quantum Dot IPS display.

Quantum Dot Enhancement Film

Quantum Dot Enhancement Film is an optical film formed by compounding quantum dots and resin, which can be used for LCD backlight modules and help realize a wide color gamut by adjusting the emission spectrum of quantum dots.

The monitor integrates an energy-efficient quantum dot technology with a 95% NTSC (100% sRGB) color gamut, which delivers color and high peak brightness. The higher the color gamut of a monitor panel is, the richer colors it can perceive and accurately represent to you. The display requires only a small amount of energy via a single blue light for extended usage. The HDR display combines FreeSync and OverDrive mode technology, which emits high-quality visuals. The portable monitor not only reduces blur but also enhances image sharpness for an awesome gaming experience.

75% sRGB Color Gamut Screen | DEPGI 100% sRGB Color Gamut Screen

1000:1 Contrast Ratio

Contrast refers specifically to static contrast, which is the ratio of the brightest color to the darkest color that the screen can display at the same time. Low-contrast displays present viewers with blurry, dark scenes of games and movies.

And a DEPGI second monitor with a 1000:1 contrast ratio provides a sharper, more natural image.

Less Than 1000:1 Contrast Ratio | DEPGI 1000:1 Contrast Ratio

15.6-in 1080P Full HD IPS Screen Panel

Panels are divided into three types: IPS, VA, and TN. Among them, the IPS panel has the most accurate color, the largest viewing angle, and a shorter response time. An ordinary IPS portable monitor generally about 10 seconds and overwhelms the VA monitor in 15-20 seconds. High-end gaming monitors and professional graphics monitors often come with IPS panels.

DEPGI utilizes a 1080P Full HD IPS screen, which tends to offer better coverage of the Adobe RGB color space, and goes as high as 98% coverage of DCI P3, rivaling even some of the best TVs on the market, creating stunning image quality, high responsiveness and smooth frame-to-frame switching. With the benefits of a 178° viewing angle and color accuracy, the IPS panel with good gray uniformity creates crisp visuals even for people on the side.

Perbezaan panel VA, IPS dan TN. Gambar: techguided

Max 1ms Faster Response Time

Response time is the amount of time a pixel in a display takes to change. High Response Time means faster transitions and therefore fewer visible image artifacts. It also means how quickly the monitor displays or responds to a gaming command.

DEPGI response time is only 3ms, the maximum can reach 1ms. If you are a gamer, every little second counts. DEPGI portable monitor will bring you a better gaming experience.

Multi-ports & Broad Compatibility

In terms of connectivity, the DEPGI portable monitor carries HDMI and Type-C ports including a dedicated Type-C port for power supply. The monitor is compatible with laptops, PC, smartphones, PS4, Macbooks, Xbox and much more.

Lightweight & Portable

The DEPGI portable monitor is designed in a slim, lightweight and portable form factor with duplicate/extend and second screen modes respectively. The bundled smart stand provides an ability for the users to configure the display in either portrait or landscape orientation. The slim design will be helpful for students, engineers, travelers, IT professionals and all those who are involved in Work From Home activities.

Built-in Dual Speakers

The DEPGI portable monitor features a 15.6-inch FHD display with support for Type-C and HDMI ports. The stereo speaker supplies adequate entertainment power for all gaming requirements. The addition of a smart cover protects the monitor against dust. The portable monitor is available at a limited-time launch discount.

All Accessories Included

To be ready to use right out of the box, the product package is packed with HDMI/Type-C/USB-C to USB-A cables in addition to a smart stand, power adapter, cleaning cloth and a detailed user manual.

As part of the launch, the company is throwing away flat discount of $50 for a limited time. The DEPGI portable monitor can be added to the cart for an unbelievable price of $149 after applying Amazon clip coupon.

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