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Saferci Fund launched multiple algorithms and strategy quantitative trading to create the ultimate trading experience for customers

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Saferci Fund launched multiple algorithms and strategy quantitative trading to create the ultimate trading experience for customers

September 21
19:03 2022

Recently, Saferci Fund launched strategic quantitative trading through multiple high-precision algorithms to provide the optimal solution for foreign exchange investment, solve the uncertainty of foreign exchange trading, and ensure the long-term stable appreciation and safe flow of user funds as the core.

In recent years, the foreign exchange market has become the largest trading market in the world with its abundant financial derivatives, T+0 two-way trading, high leverage, no stamp duty and other advantages. According to the BIS survey, which is conducted every three years, the average daily trading volume in the global foreign exchange market was $6.6 trillion in April 2019, and it is expected to reach $15-20 trillion in 2030, a compound growth of 303%. However, the complexity of foreign exchange trading data and market fluctuations are quite large, it is difficult to maintain long-term compound interest state.

Saferci Fund (SC&F) is founded by the world’s leading enterprises, headquartered in the Anglo-Saxon economic system countries – England and Wales, build the professional financial elite team, use actuarial strategy and powerful trading technology system, to provide a full range of foreign exchange, precious metals, stock index and digital currency market “asset management, strategy and risk control” integrated financial services.

The elite team of Saferci Fund has profound financial professional theoretical knowledge and rich experience in foreign exchange practice, and effectively combines wealth trust business with asset appreciation business. Its team members are from well-known investment banks, London Stock Exchange, Wall Street and other high-end financial services areas, covering a number of top investment institutions.

Managed a huge asset management system of $5.186 billion in the foreign exchange derivatives market and served more than 500,000 users worldwide. They focus on the planning and development of foreign exchange, securities, futures, high-tech, agriculture, trading systems, bulk commodities and other tracks.  It is a group of outstanding macro policy analysts, senior quantitative engineers, head strategy Trader, securities brokers, risk control strategy experts, investment and financial advisers and other components of actuarial, trading and quantitative strategy, algorithm system research, market investment research, policy trend analysis and other talents. The elite team of Saferci Fund had participated in ICPC, Spread Hunter, Bybit WSOT and other algorithmic programs and trading competitions many times, and obtained excellent ranking results.

Saferci Fund has an excellent quantization algorithm of foreign exchange system, through the quantitative system for massive trading data visualization, and uses derivatives to evaluate secondary market investment main body, trading strategy adjustment and policy checking backtest, data encryption, etc., to provide users with high precision optimal portfolio with multilayer risk control screening, Ensure the safe circulation of user assets.

Based on the in-depth research of big data, Saferci Fund conducts quantitative modeling of K-line shape, macro information data, derivatives cycle financial statements, financial information, etc., and finally obtains the best trading strategy through neural network and genetic algorithm screening. At the same time, the quantum trading system is used to provide high-frequency trading efficiency of 0.4 microseconds, so that users do not miss any wealth opportunity.  Cumulative, Hedge Fund, Trend of the combination, Manual trading and other four trading strategies.  The rate of return is stable between 5%-20%, forming a long-term and stable asset appreciation.

Saferci Fund always puts the user’s asset cost and safety in the first place, and protects the user’s investment through multi-layer guarantee mechanism. In terms of Fund management, Saferci Fund maintains Fund security through TMGM segregated account.  Users manage funds independently, and the system presets a distribution mechanism, and proceeds are distributed through protocol, ensuring fairness, justice and no shady operation. In order to maximize long-term returns, comprehensive strategies are adopted to achieve the purpose of compound interest. The biggest highlight is the mechanism of the “Inferior Fund”. When there is retraction and stop loss in user accounts, the Inferior Fund is activated and ensure that the maximum user drawdown is not more than 20%.

The security mechanism of Saferci Fund is constantly upgraded and updated according to the market demand to protect the safe investment of users. In addition, Saferci Fund also adopts multiple income channels such as monthly user, Fund management, wealth club and broker dividend to ensure long-term stable Fund liquidity, maintain Fund activity and diversification of investment products, and realize sustainable development strategy.

Nowadays, foreign exchange has become the main means of international foreign exchange reserves. It not only affects the global financial institutions and national economic system, with the penetration of diversification, more ordinary investors and retail investors have entered the foreign exchange market, foreign exchange market potential opportunities than most institutions and investors will think.

Saferci Fund helps users to increase their assets professionally, subverts the traditional investment barriers with technology, and creates a different trading experience for users with the top financial height. In the next 10 years, Saferci Fund will also complete the goal planning of excellent NIB training, AI quantum technology development, opening overseas private investment banks and so on.  It will serve the comprehensive foreign exchange derivatives market and become one of the world’s top 10 securities companies.

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