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Software development platform Aista; LowCode and NoCode CRUD Generator Cloud Service Provider.

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Software development platform Aista; LowCode and NoCode CRUD Generator Cloud Service Provider.

September 21
14:33 2022

“We have developed a low-code software application development platform that allows you to generate CRUD apps wrapping your existing database in seconds.”

Software development innovation has come a long way. Developers agree that technology has simplified software development by providing innovative software that people can easily integrate and launch. According to Aista founder Thomas Hansen, software development innovations gives a lot of room to learn and succeed. Every day, many businesses are looking for developers to help them with an app, websites, and other software development needs, thanks to the digital age.

Software development techniques have been found to be complex and expensive, but they have improved for the better with automation. Aista, a software development platform, automates 80% of enterprise software development. The platform achieves this through low code, no code, and automation constructs. The Aista Magic Cloud generates thousands of lines of backend API code for businesses in seconds, all at the click of a button. “Click another button and get an automatically generated Angular CRUD Datagrid in seconds.”

Another common notion of software development is that it is boring, and developers must spend long hours developing code. Aista is helping developers grow to love their jobs by automating the boring parts and allowing them to focus on exciting tasks. 

Aista introduced Magic, a complete low code cloud-based software development platform that contains everything a developer needs to create, deploy and run apps in production. The low code CRUD generator helps create apps without coding. The software has been released more than 250 times, introducing new features, fixing bugs, and improved functionality.

“Our customers enjoy having their apps served through a CDN, with DDOS protection, security, replicated storage (RAID10), and every single security best practice applied automagically out of the box.”

Hansen and his team of professionals from across the globe work with everything available in the industry to provide the most innovative solutions. Hansen believes that working smarter is far better than working harder. Empowering developers with smart solutions improves their performance, making real-world problems much easier to solve. The team at Aista is also committed to sharing, listening, and teaching others about software development innovation and the Aista solution.

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