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TankPad – The Future of Crypto And NFT Gaming

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TankPad – The Future of Crypto And NFT Gaming

January 14
06:12 2022

TankPad is a brand new blockchain game launching on the Binance Smart Chain that is sweeping the GameFi industry for its fun simple mobile gameplay primed for mass adoption combined with the variety of different ways to earn crypto just by playing the game!

Not only will players be able to Play-to-Earn with TankPad they’ll also be able to compete in exclusive “IGO Competition” periods where we will actually fully fund top crypto/NFT gaming startups & distribute the IGO (Initial Game Offering) allocations to players based on their score in our game.

How TankPad Gameplay Works

TankPad is a mobile-based live online Multiplayer game where up to 15 players with a TankPad NFT are able to come together in an arena to compete & win points that increase their score and their overall crypto earnings from playing the game.

The controls & features for TankPad were designed based on simplicity so that anyone can easily enter a match & know exactly how to play with little need for explanation or directions.

There are very minimal controls for TankPad on mobile with just two analog controls that handle the movement of the tank & also the shooting of the tank’s cannon.

The objective of the game is to eliminate all other Tanks in game & ultimately be the last Tank standing in the match.

TankPad NFTs

TankPad NFTs are the golden key that unlocks the ability to earn through the TankPad ecosystem! (Don’t worry there will be other free methods of acquiring TankPad NFTs too!)

All TankPad NFTs will have different rarities with skins, stats, & abilities that affect gameplay.

Players will also be able to use up to 2 Powerup NFTs held in their connected wallet during each match plus a variety of different Upgrade NFTs for their Tank.

How Players Can Earn With TankPad

TankPad will provide a variety of different opportunities for players to earn crypto & NFTs simply by just playing their mobile game including:

  • Play-To-Earn Pool that distributes TankPad coin to players of game every 24 hours with varying payouts based on their score

  • IGO Competitions where players are distributed varying IGO allocations for top crypto/NFT gaming startups based on their score

  • LP Staker Rewards Program where stakers are distributed varying rewards in TankPad coin, NFTs, and more based on their amount staked

  • Tankpad NFT Marketplace where people can buy, sell, & trade the variety of TankPad NFTs, powerups, & upgrades that can be used in gameplay

  • Army Platoon NFT Lending Program where lenders can lend out their TankPad NFT to others & collect a rev share

  • High Stakers “Pink Slips” where players compete against others to win their NFTs… (or lose their own NFT!)

  • Much more!

What’s Next For TankPad?

TankPad has big plans for the future of their game & community with a super ambitious roadmap! TankPad is currently in process of completing the blockchain integration for their game with a deadline coming up very soon in Q1 2022.

Official Links

Stay tuned to their official channels. they have a lot of exciting news and updates coming through!





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