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Kickstarter campaign launches first Koozie to fit all 12 ozs can sizes

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Kickstarter campaign launches first Koozie to fit all 12 ozs can sizes

January 14
02:09 2022

3 and 1 K9 Koozie is a new breakthrough Koozie with an intelligent design to fit 12 ozs cans, slim cans, and bottles while its premium quality insulation assures chilled cold beverages for 12 hours.

A Texan couple, Anthony and Madeline Ray, has recently launched an innovative Koozie on Kickstarter which is the FIRST Koozie to fit 12 ozs cans, bottles, and slim cans. 3 and 1 K9 Koozie, as the innovative Koozie is called, is intelligently designed to keep bottles chilled for up to 12-long-hours.

The 3 and 1 K9 Koozie is intelligently designed to perform two major tasks. One is to fit all kinds of 12 ozs cans, bottles as well as slim cans. The other is to keep the drink as chilled as when it was first brought out of the cooler. Then, K9 Koozie does another thing too. For every Koozie sold, the company (Brew Collar) will donate branded “Brew” leashes and collars to animal adoption shelters. 

“We are excited to introduce to you the FIRST-ever Koozie that is able to fit 12 ozs cans, bottles, as well as slim cans. Fun part is, our unique Koozie is the same size as any other regular Koozie but there is a slight twist and that is our cutting-edge intelligent design. Our K9 Koozie comes with a removable, airtight, silicone lid which secures your bottle/can with an airtight seal. This way, our special Koozie is able to accommodate all sizes and shapes of bottles and cans, including the 12 ozs ones”, stated the Rays.

There are two ways to use the 3 and1 K9 Koozie for holding beverages. For slender glass bottles and cans, users will have to push them into the top of the Koozie and it’s done. In regard to normal cans, one would have to simply remove the lid, put the bottle inside, and then screw the lid back in place. 

Per the statements of the founders, The 3 and 1 K9 Koozie is backed by industry-leading insulation. The Koozie has been designed with premium multi-layered insulation which has passed with flying colors on every test. 

The external part of the K9 Koozie is made of uniquely-designed textured anti-slip silicone which assures users to have full control of the bottle/can even when hands are wet or sweaty. 

Top features of 3 and 1 K9 Koozie

  • First ever Koozie with intelligent design to fit 12 ozs cans and bottles
  • Keeps cold beverages chilled for up to 12 hours
  • Durable built
  • Industry-leading insulation
  • Sale of every Koozie will lead to donation of one leash or collar to animal shelters in need

“Our innovative 3 and 1 K9 Koozie is the first and last thing you need to keep your cold beverage chilled for hours. Whether you are going for a picnic or a road trip or a corporate meet where you don’t want to miss out on your favourite cold beverage, our K9 Koozie will be your partner. As of now, we are planning to start mass production but such a high-end project demands robust financial backup. Thus, this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring K9 Koozie to life and make carrying cold beverages easier than ever.”

Backers will be rewarded with exclusive Kickstarter discounts on 3-in-1 K9 Koozie units. To show your support for the campaign, please visit Kickstarter

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Company Name: The 3-in-1 K9 Koozie
City: Los Angeles
State: California
Country: United States