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A Slim, Contoured Body is Possible without Lasers, Liposuction, or Surgery

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A Slim, Contoured Body is Possible without Lasers, Liposuction, or Surgery

April 26
10:38 2021

Most individuals want to look as slim and trim and toned as possible.  Even if not overweight, pockets of fat cells can buildup throughout a body.  This happens more often with age, or childbirth, or for some individuals, because of heredity or stress.  Diet and exercise many times do not help, and even though options such as heat and cold technology, liposuction, and surgery do exist, these options are not without some risk, and some individuals can experience side effects and downtime when using the above processes.

Solea Medical Spa and Beauty Lounge in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida has solved the problem of cellulite fat buildup with new technology that has absolutely no side effects, and does not include heat or cold applications, lasers, liposuction, or surgery.  The UltraShape Power technology that Solea uses targets fat cells and cellulite in a revolutionary new fashion and can reduce fat cells immediately after application by approximately 32%.  The technique is FDA (Food and Drug Administration) cleared and is safe and effective. 

The technology emits acoustic waves (sound waves), that focus ultrasonic energy into a volume that can target subcutaneous fat (under the skin fat), at a certain depth.  It is pulsed at a rate that is safe and comfortable, yet effective, and the technicians at Solea can control the temperature more efficiently, making it non-thermal and comfortable for clients.  Fat reduction using the UltraShape Power technology does occur immediately.  All cellulite and localized fat are located before the procedure occurs, ensuring the best possible results. 

Although like with all other techniques for fat and cellulite reduction, individual results will vary and fat cells and cellulite might build up again, based on lifestyle and hereditary factors.  However, this new technique is well received to enhance body sculpting and contouring without any discomfort, so many clients do return again and again, seeking fat removal from many body parts.  The technique can be used on any body part, from a small fat removal from under the chin, to larger areas such as hips, thighs, buttocks, and stomach. 

Unsightly body fat and cellulite with its dimpled look has been a long-term problem for both women and men.  Societal norms do not focus now on weight as they did previously, but on a sculpted, in-shape look.  Cellulite and fat removal to achieve this is now pain-free and quick due to the efforts of Solea Medical Spa and Beauty Lounge, and the new UltraShape Power technology that Solea uses. 

It is now possible to look and feel great, without any discomfort at all, and an overabundance of cellulite and fat deposits no longer something to fret about.  A visit to Solea can give anyone the sculpted look they are seeking.

About Solea Medical Spa and Beauty Lounge

Located in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, this medical spa and beauty lounge proudly removes unwanted fat deposits and cellulite via the new technology called UltraShape Power.  There is no downtime, no discomfort, and immediate results are seen after each session.  Since this is new technology, there is a video on the website that explains how it works, and it is FDA approved.  Other services also exist for the enhancement of physical appearance. 

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