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New Web TV Series, Love And War, Now Streaming

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New Web TV Series, Love And War, Now Streaming

October 29
02:36 2020
New Web TV Series, Love And War, Now Streaming

Love and War: New Web Series Now Live

For nearly a thousand years, the world watched the horrors of mingling religion and politics. They call this time period – the dark ages. But in recent years, the calls to bring morality and faith back into government seem to be rising around the world. Is it possible to see history repeat and church and state unite again?

In this series Love & War, the story is told of how humans originally colonized earth, the continual struggle of love and selfishness and what their future holds.

Many are proposing that the resources and time on earth 1.0 is running out. The idea is gaining steam that the only hope may be to colonize a new world. Is it too late or is there still hope for humanity?

With all the events taking place around the world, many worldwide are starting to focus on what is happening. Things seem to be spiraling out of control and many are beginning to sense the world is on the verge of crisis – politically, socially, and environmentally.

When faced with problems people don’t know how to tackle, it has been common to say a prayer and turn to spirituality and religion. This begs a more crucial question to think about. Is religion the answer to bring the world hope and comfort during difficult times? Or could it be the problem that is dividing it?

Love and War: This Is Their Story

Now more than ever before, the world is in desperate need of a savior. However, few can agree on who that savior should be. Who is this hero everyone is longing for?

The majority of the planet follows the faith of an Abrahamic religion. Many have different backgrounds and leaders, but most Abrahamic religions have a common value. Love and War gets to the root of the idea – what is the common value? How to find peace before it’s too late?

This story takes readers back to where everything began. It dives deeper into the realm of the movements that have come and gone through history.  A lot of focus is placed on love and selfishness, two things many battle within their everyday lives.

Love and War tells the symbolic riveting story of two best friends who turned into enemies. It is the tale of how the love of one woman brought these two men to war. Like all good stories, there is a hero and a villain but this one takes a heart-racing turn when the villain takes on the form of the hero in order to trick the woman into running away with him. She must decide which side to join before it’s too late.

Where To Watch Love and War

Love and War is a web series with 10 episodes that vary in length from 15 – 30 minutes each.

To watch, visit

For more information, send an email to [email protected] or follow their Instagram page at

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