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ADCC and CDC-enhanced Antibodies at Creative Biolabs to Facilitate the Drug Development

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ADCC and CDC-enhanced Antibodies at Creative Biolabs to Facilitate the Drug Development

September 28
14:12 2020
With years of exploration in biotechnology, especially antibodies, Creative Biolabs now unveils the upstream and early downstream development services aiming at delivering robust, high-yielding ADCC/CDC antibody products to worldwide customers.

New York, USA – September 28, 2020 – In the process of people fighting against various kinds of diseases, there are two immune functions that illuminate the way forward like rising stars, and they are antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity (ADCC) and complement-dependent cytotoxicity (CDC).

Supported by in-house scientists, Creative Biolabs has developed first-in-class platforms, including Afuco™ Platform for the glycoengineered therapeutic antibody production, Glymax™ Platform for novel antibody projects and biomarkers (ADCC enhanced originator mAbs) or biosimilars projects, and Fucoanalog™ Platform to increase the activity of the monoclonal antibody ADCC by several methods.

Based on these powerful platforms, Creative Biolabs unveils integrated ADCC/CDC-enhanced antibody process development services, covering upstream process, downstream process, analytical development, bioassay, and formulation development to ensure the product quality is both reliable and consistent.

The process development and optimization in upstream process mainly consist of ADCC’s proprietary deglycosylation cell line development and cell engineering, cell clone selection, media and feed development, bioprocess development and amplification, bioreactor optimization and design, and cell collection.

Downstream process development focuses more on yield rate, productivity, purity and overall process capability. Compared to traditional monoclonal antibodies, ADCC/CDC-enhanced antibody molecular structures are more complex, and difficult to obtain uniform monomer products for the higher possibility to degrade. However, Creative Biolabs is dedicated to working it out by effectively removing impurities while maintaining biologics with high recovery rates to meet clinical and market needs.

Creative Biolabs promises to provide full reports of the final products, in which all production steps will be traceable and strictly compliant to related regulations of the FDA, thus to support the Investigational New Drug (IND) application of clients.

In addition, with the cutting-edge Afuco™ platform, Creative Biolabs has already developed a list of ADCC/CDC-enhanced biobetter antibodies, and some featured products are listed below:

ADCC-Enhanced Antibodies

Non-Fucosylated Anti-Human CD20 Rituximab Therapeutic Antibody
Non-Fucosylated Anti-Human HER2 Trastuzumab Therapeutic Antibody
Non-Fucosylated Anti-Human EGFR Necitumumab Therapeutic Antibody

CDC-Enhanced Antibodies

CDC-Enhanced Anti-CD20 Ibritumomab tiuxetan
CDC-Enhanced Anti-IL-5 Mepolizumab
CDC-Enhanced Anti-RSV Palivizumab

“We believe that our technology has the potential to become a safe and efficient expression tool to accelerate the development of biobetter therapeutic antibodies,” introduced by a senior scientist at Creative Biolabs. “We also welcome potential partners to further co-develop ADCC- and CDC-enhanced biobetter antibodies.”

Detailed information about more biobetters or ADCC/CDC-enhanced antibody services at Creative Biolabs can be found on

About Creative Biolabs

With more than a decade of exploration and expansion, Creative Biolabs has gathered a team of experts with solid knowledge regarding ADCC/CDC-enhanced therapeutic antibody discovery and development. Powered by Afuco™ technology, Creative Biolabs is confident to provide fully integrated solutions of expression optimization, recombinant protein production, antibody ADCC/CDC modification design, or cell line development.

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Contact Person: Candy Swift
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Phone: 1-631-619-7922
Country: United States

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