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Toronto Trailers Reveals the Top 10 Packaging Supplies

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Toronto Trailers Reveals the Top 10 Packaging Supplies

September 22
20:36 2020

Toronto Trailers has revealed its top 10 list of essential packaging supplies for people who are moving house or shipping goods.

The company has issued it special guide to help people understand the tips and tricks of the trade to protect the loads they are transporting from getting damaged or breaking.

  1. Ratchet straps and tie-downs help to keep large items from moving around a trailer and getting damaged or breaking other items. There are different grade straps depending on the size and weight of the items
  2. Hand film is fantastic for wrapping around items to protect them from getting ripped or damaged
  3. Bubble wrap – the perfect product for protecting delicate and fragile items from getting broken
  4. Newsprint packaging – this is great to screw up and place as a buffer in between items to stop them from hitting against each other in transit. Newsprint packaging can also be used to wrap up delicate items.
  5. Tape – this will help items like bubble wrap or newsprint to stay in place if you are using it for wrapping items
  6. Floor runners are great to provide a non-slip surface to prevent falls when unloading items and it also protects the floors from scuffs and scratches if you are moving into a new home
  7. Moving blankets are great for wrapping around large items of furniture to prevent them from getting damaged on the move, and they are more environmentally friendly than other types of packaging as they are recyclable
  8. Cable ties are the ultimate accessory for moving – you can use them to seal or secure lots of different items
  9. Boxes – sometimes it is better to put smaller items into individual boxes and then pack the boxes on to the trailer or van, so they are better protected. Toronto Trailers has all shapes and sizes to choose from.
  10. Moving straps and bands – sometimes you might not have access to dolly trailers or hand trucks, or the space you are trying to move an item to and from might be small or awkward for these machines. If you need to lift and move items by hand then moving straps and bands are perfect for helping lift heavy items, but without hurting yourself.

A spokesman from Toronto Trailers said: “Many people are scraping around their yards or garages trying to find items to help them pack their goods for shipping and keep them as protected as possible during transit. Many people don’t realize they can get everything they need in a one stop shop to ensure nothing is damaged or broken at any stage of the transport process.

“We decided to issue these top 10 tips to show people all of the different kinds of accessories that are available to help make a move a safe and successful one,” he added.

About Toronto Trailers

Toronto Trailers is the place to go for all transport and shipping needs. The company supplies all sizes of trailers, storage units and everything someone could possibly need to be able to ship or transport goods and personal items safely, including moving supplies and equipment.

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Contact Person: Media Relations
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Phone: +1 416-477-5488
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City: Toronto
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