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Dezmon Landers Creates Career Planning Framework For Entrepreneurs.

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Dezmon Landers Creates Career Planning Framework For Entrepreneurs.

September 22
21:21 2020
Dezmon Landers Creates Career Planning Framework For Entrepreneurs.
This new economic tool is meant to safely increase career lengths of entrepreneurial people worldwide.

The words career and entrepreneur are rarely mentioned in normal conversation. It’s most likely due to the common risks associated with the pursuit of long term business ownership. Since failure rates for individual businesses are very high, any hopes and aspirations of a career in entrepreneurship quickly dwindle away for most entrepreneurs.

Unfortunately, this reality has led to a stunted growth in the area of entrepreneurship education. Many other professions including medicine, accounting, physics, software development and politics have clearly defined, sequenced paths of study and work. Why doesn’t our society have the same for entrepreneurship? There are universally applicable strategies, tools and systems that touch every entrepreneurial activity regardless of product, service or industry. And even with all of that, a definitive career planning resource still does not exist.

E5 Framework, a scientifically sustainable roadmap to self-employment created by Dezmon Landers is meant to change that. Rooted in traditional economic principles, the framework is meant to help entrepreneurial people identify where they are in the ecosystem, where they want to go and what business vehicle is best for their journey.

As an economically inspired tool, it is universal and can provide significant value to entrepreneurial people of all stages from the unemployment stage to veteran entrepreneurs. More specifically, E5 is broken into six stages each divided by one universal concept – risk taking. The stages in order are: (0) unemployment, (1) employed advocacy, (2) entrepreneurial exploration, (3) self-employment, (4) entrepreneurship and (5) career entrepreneurship.

By using the framework, an entrepreneurial person (active or commencing) can get key insights across 5 areas of their career. These areas include: the entrepreneurial ecosystem, peer relationships, current career location, future career destination and business venture selection.

Birthed out of a hope and desire for all people to better control their movement through entrepreneurial economies, the framework hopes to be the sounding board and missing link. To learn more about E5 framework, please visit

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