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Giving life to the creativity, Cleopatra Ink Nisantasi creates extraordinary tattoos – Now launching the 45th studio in Nisantasi, Turkey

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Giving life to the creativity, Cleopatra Ink Nisantasi creates extraordinary tattoos – Now launching the 45th studio in Nisantasi, Turkey

September 22
17:54 2020
Cleopatra Ink Nisantasi is an award-winning tattooing studio that specializes in creating hyper-realistic, creative, lively and artistic tattoos for the customers. With over 45 studios worldwide including Turkey, Germany, Finland, Norway and Ukraine, Cleopatra Ink Nisantasi is the largest Tattooing business. Having been visited by celebrities on a daily basis, Cleopatra Ink Nisantasi is among the best tattooing studios all over the world.

Istanbul, Turkey – A tattoo reflects the person’s thoughts and creative mindset, it is a depiction of the things the person is fond of, the ideas that they believe or something that they hold dear to themselves; piercing and tattoos represent the person. In order to make that representation possible in the best way one can imagine, Cleopatra Ink Nisantasi offers services regarding tattoos and piercing. Cleopatra Ink Nisantasi brings the ideas to life and creativity to possibilities. Cleopatra Ink Nisantasi is the best tattoo studio, having won 72 awards and a worldwide presence with 45 studios. The latest studio having been opened in Nisantasi was a highly anticipated event and gained a lot of success after many visits from huge celebrities and people from all over Europe.

With the inception in 2014, having its first studio launched in Alanya, Cleopatra Ink Nisantasi experienced a quick growth. Initially expanding to other cities and locations of Turkey, Cleopatra Ink Nisantasi soon went international when the studio launch boosted in other countries of Europe as well. The international presence in countries such as Finland, Ukraine, Norway, Germany and Turkey makes Cleopatra Ink Nisantasi the most renowned tattooing studio and the best one at that.

Founded by Halil Ibrahim Karadere, Cleopatra Ink Nisantasi gets a lot of celebrity visits each day. Many celebrities visit the studios, located at multiple locations all across Europe and experience the true art. Over the course of time, Cleopatra Ink Nisantasi has become the best tattoo studio in the world, beloved and trusted by various renowned celebrities, who admire the artwork done by the professional tattoo and piercing artists.

The tattoo artists at Cleopatra Ink Nisantasi are experienced, with unmatched caliber. The artists possess a highly creative mind with a great eye towards perfection and producing top-notch tattoos and designs. The artists take pride in what they make, since the work they do, that is the tattoos and piercing is appreciable. The tattoo artists at Cleopatra Ink Nisantasi have been working for a long time in this industry and know what each customer demands, they understand each customers’ needs and deal with them accordingly. The artists embody the spirit and artistry of the tattoo industry.

Providing premium quality artwork for the body, Cleopatra Ink Nisantasi strives to keep providing the best quality tattoo and piercing services, since the day Cleopatra Ink Nisantasi started. The quality is maintained with each project done and each customer leaving the studio feeling more than satisfied. It is this constant struggle to always exceed the expectations of the customers that keeps this level of quality maintained. The premium look is reflected in each tattoo made.

It surely takes a lot of hard work and constant hunger for success to achieve a single award, but Cleopatra Ink Nisantasi has won 72 awards. Going beyond all the horizons, Cleopatra Ink Nisantasi has achieved more than any other tattoo studio has ever done. Receiving such a large number of awards on multiple occasions is proof enough of the quality services provided at Cleopatra Ink Nisantasi. All these awards have been won by Cleopatra Ink Nisantasi because of the true artwork translated into the tattoos for the customers, and by providing a premium looking tattoo that captures the heart of the tattoo wearer. The tattoos are designed exactly how the customers want them to be, thus maintaining the factor of trust, quality, dedication and loyalty to the craft.

Cleopatra Ink Nisantasi strives to bring whatever the customers want to life, in the form of art. Be it portraits, realistic art or anything else, Cleopatra Ink Nisantasi experience is unmatchable, the artists are dedicated towards what they do and will always go an extra mile to satisfy the customers. The artists take their time to create an art that will remain with the customers for years to come, and will keep them amazed by the quality of work provided.

The design philosophy at Cleopatra Ink Nisantasi is simple, yet effective. The customers bring their ideas of what they want and how exactly they want. This process is the most important one, as it involves understanding the customer’s needs and demands. At this point, even if the customer does not have an idea of what they want, the artists will guide them through and help them make a decision.

Designing the mockup in the second step involves transforming the idea into something that the customer can look at. The expert designers will perform a sketch of the idea by the customer in the previous step and create a concept. Then, some modifications are made, these modifications are guided by the customer. Whatever the customer wants, Cleopatra Ink Nisantasi will give. Finally, after finalizing the latest design, the tattoo is brought to life and the customer is presented with the final application of the design, that will stay with them.

Having expertise in various categories of tattoo design, the tattoo artists are true craftsmen, who have honed their skills over the course of time. The categories include but are not limited to Traditional, Realism, Watercolor, Tribal, New School, Japanese, Blackwork, Illustrative and Chicano. The tattoo artists are more than skilled to create whatever it is that the customers demand. That is what makes Cleopatra Ink Nisantasi one of a kind, and gives the ultimate experience of true craftsmanship, loyalty, quality, dedication and creativity.

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Company Name: Cleopatra Ink Nisantasi
Contact Person: Caner Ozdemir
Email: Send Email
Phone: +905350244081
Address:Halaskargazi, Vali Konagi Cd. No: 77-1, 34360 SiSli
City: Istanbul
Country: Turkey

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