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Deepen the International Cooperation in Epidemic Prevention and Control, Look Forward to a Bright Future of the Grand Unified Society

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Deepen the International Cooperation in Epidemic Prevention and Control, Look Forward to a Bright Future of the Grand Unified Society

June 03
19:50 2020
SHAO Calls for Global Joint Epidemic Prevention

COVID-19 continues to spread and impacts the whole world rapidly. Countries and regions across the world have been affected and endangered by the outbreak unprecedentedly. The virus not only does harm to people’s health and lives, but also has greater impact on international economy, finance and politics. Global spread of the pandemic becomes a real risk that all humans have to face.

In front of the pandemic, we shall jointly respond to challenges. UN and WHO reinforce the cooperation with governments of all countries, various regional organizations and related institutions to form global synergies to combat the virus and then protect the common home of humans. All sectors of the society have made their voices to emphasize the importance of international cooperation, for instance, Bill Gates wrote to appeal that “we need use a global method to fight the disease”; the famous respiratory specialist Zhong Nanshan indicated that international cooperation is the only way to respond to the global spread of the Covid-19.

Hu Jiaqi, the founder and president of SHAO (Save Human Action Organization), and a Chinese anthropologist, also expressed his opinion on the outbreak. He believes that security of a country is more and more inseparable from the common security of international community, and agrees with the idea that we need to strengthen global coordinated and joint action to improve public health governance, which is fundamentally consistent with SHAO’s thought of “constructing a grand unified society”. He said that the core idea of the organization is that science and technology is a double-edged sword, and its uncontrolled development would definitely result in human extinction soon. The world must unite to strictly limit the irrational development of science and technology with the power of the world regime. This problem can be solved not by a few great powers but by all the countries across the world. It can be solved only in a unified society.

Hu Jiaqi also said that the pandemic is a public hazard to all humans, regardless of countries, nations, religions, political parties and groups and political leanings. Based on the aim of SHAO, we call for the world to combat the pandemic together, and effectively deal with the common hazards of humankind, including the risk of human extinction caused by science and technology, as well as a series of problems like climate, environment, resources, population, health, etc. All these problems cannot be thoroughly settled just by relying on the existing social systems. Instead, they will be settled only by achieving the grand unification of humankind.

Just as what Hu Jiaqi said, countries worldwide shall act in a coordinated way, which is the only correct way to deal with the global crises and gradually turns an international consensus. The outbreak of COVID-19 endangers the world economy and global governance system, and poses great threats to safety and health of people all over the world. In front of the common enemy, no country can detach itself from the world, and the world community needs solidarity and cooperation more than ever.

The pandemic makes the world more deeply realize that humans share weal and woe, and any short-sighted and egoistic practices would injure both others and self. By concrete actions, SHAO is ready to work together with governments and people all over the world to promote cooperation on international security and the reform of global governance system, so as to make contributions to the maintenance of public health security across the world.

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