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Dr. Ali Cadili announces the School of Natural Medical Aesthetics

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Dr. Ali Cadili announces the School of Natural Medical Aesthetics

September 02
18:58 2019

Dr. Ali Cadili has a School of Natural Medical Aesthetics. This comprehensive six weeks program will get your foot in the door of medical clinics across Canada – The School of Natural Medical Aesthetics in Regina, Saskatchewan.

A brief description of the course and what it involves?

The school that we have is a medical aesthetic course that is a six-week program. You do four weeks online theory and two weeks in practicum within our clinic here. You learn on medical-grade aesthetic equipment that helps alter the skin and the body. We are the only school in Regina; how we differ from other schools is that we are only a six-week program as opposed to other schools that are usually 9-10 month programs. You do everything online. What’s nice about it is that you can do it in the comfort of your home while still maintaining your job. The only thing that you need to do is take two weeks off to come into our clinic.

In six weeks they learn enough knowledge in the theory department of it, and then they also learn during the two weeks in practicum within our schools. From there, they’re able to get hands-on training on real patients. Students will also train on themselves to give them that experience and knowledge to then be able to take it out into the industry.

We have a list of well-defined techniques and medical aesthetics procedures and technologies that we focus on in those two weeks, and we give students ample experience a few times over — practicing on real patients under constant supervision. The curriculum is currently designed so that the graduates are comfortable doing the procedures. However, the technologies and techniques keep evolving. Therefore, it is a commitment to lifelong learning, too, but students learn the basics very well. We’re always taking we’re getting inquiries about our school. We have people applying to our school all the time. The upcoming course does have around 5-6 people already.

We do get lots of students going into medicine dentistry or pharmaceutical sciences. The reason they roll is that they get a certificate that allows them to get a job on the side that’s not just a regular side job, so the pay is better. They get the experience of working alongside doctors and nurses, dealing with patients, and treating medical aesthetics concerns.this can allow them to get references that might help for medical school. It also gives them a different perspective and more life experience. It’s something good to put on a resume when they’re applying to medical school. 

Highlights of the course

Some main highlights and focuses would be cool-sculpting, which is a non-invasive fat reduction procedure. We also do have chemical peels micro kneeling which surfaces the skin; it’s more in that beauty aspect of everything. You receive a certificate from our school that opens the door for working in any medical aesthetics clinic in Saskatchewan or even all over Canada. The course is around $7000-$8000. We do have financing available with Pay Bright where you can finance within three, six or, twelve months at a zero percent interest rate.

For more information please visit the website or send mail to [email protected]

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