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GAC Aion’s super-speed battery technology certified by the WRCA as the world’s fastest

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GAC Aion’s super-speed battery technology certified by the WRCA as the world’s fastest

September 03
03:00 2021

Chinese EV manufacturer GAC Aion showcased its new charging technologies while claiming charge speeds closer to filling up a tank of gas than charging up an EV. With 3C and 6C versions showcased during its Technology Day recently, GAC Aion’s upcoming EV models could charge at lightning fast rates without damage to the battery.

Aion is the EV-focused sub-brand of Guangzhou Automobile Corporation (GAC) Group. The automaker marque has since released four EVs, including the GAC Aion S, which stirred controversy upon its debut when it claimed it would eventually “transcend” Tesla.

On August 30th, 2021, GAC Aion held an online press conference and officially released its super-speed battery technology that can add “200 kilometers of range in 5 minutes of charge”. The A480 supercharger was also revealed on the same day.

On the day of the press conference, there was also a live broadcast of the “World Record Attempt for the World’s Fastest Charging Speed”. From the SPEED++ team, the Aion mysterious car – an electric vehicle equipped with super-speed battery technology successfully achieved the result of “charging for 5 minutes and driving 207 kilometers” and was certified by the WRCA, a brand under the UK-based World Record Certification Limited, as the as the world’s fasteset charging battery technology. The official release of the overcharge station undoubtedly proves that GAC Aion’s battery technology has the ability to be applied on the ground.

“Super Speed” refers to the high charging rate of the battery. Existing electric vehicles can only charge up to 200 kilometers in half an hour. The super-speed battery technology achieves “charge for 5 minutes and 200 kilometers” at the fastest charging rate of 6 times. The charging time of a cup of coffee is enough. Traveling throughout the Greater Bay Area is currently the world’s fastest charging battery technology.

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Phone: 0044-2070483220
Country: China

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