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CarChing Positions Itself to Become The World’s Most Convenient Way to Selling A Car

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CarChing Positions Itself to Become The World’s Most Convenient Way to Selling A Car

September 02
13:45 2021

Technology has made the ability to list a vehicle online one of the most convenient and simple tasks available today. However, the act of selling a car has notoriously been one of the most frustrating experiences out there. Where does one start? How does one decide what their car is worth? Where should it be listed? How can the serious buyers be separated from the people trying to take advantage? What if there is a loan on the car? How is that handled? Most people take one look at the laundry list of checkboxes needed and they end up trading or selling to a dealership, odds are for far less than what they’re happy with. 

To compound the issue, there has been a stigma around the relationship between dealerships and the private seller market for a long time. Years of distrust towards dealerships blended with high-pressure sales tactics have culminated into the feeling that no matter where one turns, their vehicle will be undervalued. 

What if there was an easier way? CarChing has created a free-to-use system that allows the private seller to get all the information needed around selling their vehicle and connects them with a network of verified, trusted dealer partners in their area, ensuring they get maximum value. It’s a matchmaking service between private sellers and dealerships. 

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Post (and current) COVID disruptions to the automotive industry have made headlines across the United States, and the general consensus of this disruption has been that car prices are extremely high. The real question is, “How does it affect the vehicle I’M trying to sell? How much can I actually get for my car?” CarChing is here to help with that. In a day and age where time is the most valuable asset, and the average American spends about 40 hours attempting to sell their vehicle, CarChing gives the majority of that time back to them.

Backed by a blend of innovative technology and an in-house support team, CarChing gives the private seller a hassle-free way to sell a vehicle online. Using market data, CarChing gives an estimate of what a vehicle is worth. Next, CarChing’s consultants walk a private seller through the selling process and negotiate a fair price. Finally, CarChing’s technology markets that vehicle to all of the partnered dealerships in a given area.  If a dealership accepts the price, CarChing facilitates the transaction between the seller and the dealership. In these three simple steps, a private seller can safely and efficiently get their vehicle sold with minimal effort. 

The automotive team at CarChing has a passion for disruptive technologies in an industry that usually falls short, along with the experience of buying and selling thousands of vehicles. Molding together that formidable knowledge and experience, CarChing will undoubtedly make a significant impact in the space. 

Surely, in a few years, there will be a multitude of solutions professing to do the ‘same thing’. CarChing will stand out for not only being the most innovative but for inspiring confidence and trust between sellers and dealers in a way that has rarely, if ever, been seen.

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