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Five Things To Know About San Antonio, TX Drug Rehabs

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Five Things To Know About San Antonio, TX Drug Rehabs

September 01
21:48 2021
Five Things To Know About San Antonio, TX Drug Rehabs
San Antonio, TX Drug Rehabs

San Antonio TX Drug Rehabs has been operating in the San Antonio, TX  area since the late 1990s, and we’ve been helping people recover from addiction ever since. Infinite recovery has several locations across town, and Infinite recovery provides a variety of programs to help clients get sober and stay that way for good. While many people think they know what drug rehabs are all about, here are five things you didn’t know about San Antonio drug rehabs.

1) Full Integration

One of our core values is to encourage clients to join in with regular community events. From art classes to sporting events, there are always opportunities for integration, and it’s an important step in reclaiming sober identity. Remember that sobriety isn’t all about long meetings and therapy sessions; it’s also about living life like a normal person again. Integration can be a great way to feel more integrated into both the sober community and general society at large. In turn, full integration can help ease one of the most common fears people have about going to rehab: will I ever fit back into society? The answer is yes—and these events can help you prove it! Integration doesn’t mean abandoning any part of who you were before — which includes looking forward toward a whole new lifestyle outside of drug use.

2) Holistic Approach

A holistic approach to recovery means more than abstinence. It means taking steps to improve life—physical, mental, and emotional health. Infinite recovery can’t always control addiction or some of its resulting consequences, but that doesn’t mean Infinite recovery has to give up on overall well-being. At Infinite Recovery in San Antonio, Texas, Infinite recovery focuses on healing each client on every level—physical, mental, emotional—so they are truly ready for sobriety when they leave us.

3) Affordable Services

A lot of people assume that they can’t afford drug rehab, but that’s not true. After all, drug addiction doesn’t discriminate; it affects rich and poor alike. Infinite recovery makes sure everyone has access to high-quality treatment.

4) Balanced Treatment Program

Infinite recovery drug rehab program is a balanced treatment approach, meaning Infinite Recovery utilizes a variety of methods in order to give you the best chance at recovery. Some drug rehabs focus solely on 12-step programs or rehabilitation programs, but Infinite recovery recognizes that each client comes with their own set of problems and roadblocks. Using a balanced approach helps us find out what’s going to work for you as an individual.

5) Honesty & Transparency

Infinite recovery believes it’s important to be honest and transparent with clients about their treatment options, what Infinite recovery can offer them at a particular facility, and how long treatment should take. To that end, Infinite Recovery asks all clients to be honest about themselves, what brought them into treatment, and where they’re going after rehabilitation. Infinite recovery strives to make sure that any information shared is done so in a way that builds trust.

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