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Walter Morales Offers Scholarship for University and High School Students

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Walter Morales Offers Scholarship for University and High School Students

September 01
15:09 2021
Walter Morales Offers Scholarship for University and High School Students

Walter Morales
Walter Morales – Baton Rouge, Louisiana Businessman, Entrepreneur, and Educator Offers $5,000 Scholarship to Create Awareness for Urban Education Improvement.

Walter Morales, founder of Louisiana Achievement Center Academies, announced the Urban Education Improvement Scholarship for University and High School Students. The $5000 scholarship is yet another effort of the renowned professor in helping contribute to change in education. The retired faculty member and charter school founder has been spearheading multiple activities aimed at bring a lasting and powerful impact on society through education.

Walter explained the purpose behind the scholarship, “…I have first-hand experience of the issues that plague education system globally. I have taught students of various ethnicities and backgrounds and realize that there is a need for change, a transformation that will help students and society”. Walter acknowledges that the transmission of knowledge in institutionalized learning programs or academies have certainly undergone changes over the years. However, despite the evolving nature of imparting knowledge through new programs, methods, and tools, certain areas remain unaddressed.

With an impressive background in the field of education, Walter is the ideal driver for change. Retired faculty at Louisiana State University, Walter taught finance for many years. He has since started several charter schools with the attempt to make improvements on the education system.  He is also the founder of Commonwealth Advisors, Inc. with vast investment experience, advising individuals, pension plans, non-profit groups, and corporations. Walter is also credited with contributions in restructuring of companies, effecting recoveries in excess of $1.8 billion. A brilliant negotiator, he helped creditors with improved recovery. 

The scholarship is open for undergraduate university students and high school students who will enter universities.  The scholarship is an essay contest of less than 1000 words that should revolve around the stated challenges in urban schools. Increased concentrations, greater diversity among students, significant immigrant population and lingual differences make urban schools a melting pot of different backgrounds and cultures.

Students are invited to submit essays that will help in improving the urban education system.  Walter would like to ensure that the education system in urban areas functions well for all students.   The winner of the scholarship will be announced in March and the closing date for submissions is February 2022.

Students interested in learning more about the scholarship can check the official website:

Name: Walter Morales


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Contact Person: Walter Morales
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Phone: 5619265281
Country: United States

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