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Plumbing Problems That Can Sneak Up on Homeowners

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Plumbing Problems That Can Sneak Up on Homeowners

July 07
07:24 2021
Plumbing Problems That Can Sneak Up on Homeowners

The plumbing in one’s home provides one with hot water and makes life easier. But when something goes wrong, it can have a dramatic impact on one’s life. Homeowners everywhere want to avoid plumbing repairs at all costs, and we’re here to help.

From toilet repair to water leaks, nothing is worse than no preparation for a plumbing issue.

While one can’t avoid plumbing repairs altogether, one can be aware of problems that can happen in one’s home. Knowing what to look for and when to call a plumber can save one unnecessary stress.

5 Sneaky Plumbing Problems

Some plumbing issues, like leaks or clogs, can be obvious and usually start small before becoming a huge problem. However, there are others that can arise without warning and upend one’s whole household. Here are five sneaky plumbing problems one should look out for:

Broken Water Heaters

Water heater issues can sneak up on one. One day the hot water flow is great, and the next, one’s morning shower goes cold. A broken water heater will have one googling for “expert plumbing repairs near me” for hours.

Needless to say, a faulty water heater can cause a lot of stress. In fact, one may be thinking, “Great. How much will this cost?”

While the cost will depend on the specific problem, it’s best to call a professional plumbing company immediately if one’s water heater needs repair. An experienced plumber will diagnose the issue and give one an honest, accurate assessment of needed repairs and their associated costs.

Signs One Need Water Heater Repair Services

How does one know one has a broken water heater? Look out for the following signs:

  • Not enough hot water
  • Decreased water pressure
  • Leaks around the water heater
  • Smelly or discolored water
  • Strange sounds coming from the water heater

If one notices any of these issues, one’s water heater has likely broken down. Hot water heater repair can be an easy process; this depends on when one catches the problem, though.

What Causes the Problem?

There are a few reasons why one’s water heater has broken down.

If there is a reduction in water pressure, a leak may be to blame. If there’s a sediment buildup within the water heater, it can cause odd noises or discolored water (usually from high amounts of rust).

Water temperature issues result from a lack of power to the heater itself, due to a faulty thermostat or heating element.

If one has been asking “who to call for water heater repair,” our name has likely come up. At I Need The Plumber & Air Conditioning, we can handle every possible water heater issue that one has. We can fix one’s heater promptly and return one’s home to a stress-free environment.

Toilet Issues

It’ll happen at some point – one goes to flush the toilet, but it doesn’t work. Either the water starts rising, or nothing happens. Both issues are stressful and need immediate attention.

Does One Need Toilet Repair?

One depends on one’s toilet to work. After all, one never knows when one’s going to need it. So, what happens when it doesn’t work?

There are a few signs that one’s toilet needs repairs. Most of the time, one won’t know an issue exists until the toilet won’t flush. Keep an eye out for the following, so toilet issues don’t sneak up on one:

  • Constant clogs
  • Suctioning or gurgling noises
  • The toilet handle is stuck or loose
  • One feels the toilet wobble when using it
  • The toilet is an older one

Many problems with toilets can go unnoticed for a while until they suddenly become an emergency.

Hiring an expert plumber to inspect and repair the issue is ideal. It ensures that one won’t be caught off guard by another sneaky toilet issue again.

Slab Leaks

Slab leaks will have any homeowner googling ‘emergency plumbing repair near me.’

Slab leaks tend to sneak up on unsuspecting homeowners. That’s because, unless one opens the floor, one won’t know there’s a leak. If one knows what to look for, detecting and dealing with them can be a whole lot easier.

What Is a Slab Leak, and How Does One Know One Has One?

Many homes sit on top of concrete slabs with their plumbing system running beneath the slabs. If a slab foundation gets damaged, the pipes underneath them most likely will, too. Here are some signs one have a slab leak:

  • Abnormally high utility bills
  • Low steam pressure
  • Mold issues
  • Excess water at one’s home’s foundation
  • One isolated warm spot on the floor

These are all indications of a slab leak. Slab leak repair cost varies by the severity of the leak.

To repair a slab leak, a team of experts will have to break open the floor to identify the location. Next, the plumber must determine the best course of action. Getting the help of a professional is essential, though.

Slab leaks can cause devastating water damage if not dealt with immediately. To minimize the damage, call a professional like I Need The Plumber & Air Conditioning for expert slab leak repair services.

Faulty Garbage Disposals

One’s garbage disposal makes life easy. One scrapes one’s plate into the drain, and—voila—the food waste is gone. But, as convenient as they are, one’s garbage disposal can run into many problems.

These problems will sneak up on one at the last minute, which is so inconvenient!

Does One Need Garbage Disposal Repair?

Here are a few signs one need garbage disposal repairs:

  • Obnoxious noises
  • Frequent resets
  • Constant clogs
  • Terrible smells
  • Water leaks
  • Bad performance

When one’s disposal breaks, it’s likely from a long-standing issue. Over time, one’s disposal becomes less efficient from age. One will know this is the problem if it requires frequent resets.

If one’s disposal seems to clog often, it can indicate a mechanical malfunction. Sometimes, this issue can happen out of nowhere and catch one by surprise.

No matter the problem, don’t let problems with one’s disposal sneak up on one. Instead, call a plumber to inspect the appliance and keep it problem-free.

Gas Line Leaks

Gas line leaks are a serious issue. If this happens, evacuate one’s home immediately and call a professional.

Leaks Require Gas Line Repair

The most obvious sign one needs gas line repair is a gas line leak. Still, other issues can occur with the gas lines in one’s home. The following symptoms mean one require gas line repair services:

  • One notices the line cracking
  • The gas line makes a hissing noise
  • One notices rust or corrosion
  • Connected appliances are slowing down
  • Utility bills are skyrocketing

Many appliances in one’s home connect to and rely on the gas line. For example, things like one’s stove and water heater connect to the gas line for power. If one notices these appliances slowing down, one may want to inspect one’s gas line.

Even a tiny crack needs the attention of an expert, so don’t ignore it. Call a professional immediately.

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