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Steel End Bracket Aluminium And Plastic Cable Energy Chain

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Steel End Bracket Aluminium And Plastic Cable Energy Chain

July 06
16:12 2021

This particular type of drag chain is made from Nylon and aluminium. The crossbar is made from aluminium or stainless steel, the cross bar length can be customized. People can add separators to make the wire layout more clean and standard. Fire-proof materials are available if customer need.


1. Inner height:40mm-110mm.
2. Bridge type.
3. Aluminum cross bar.
4. Flammability class UL94V-2.
5. Quartet mounting bracket.
6. Beautiful and decent appearance design.
7. Anti-corrosion, Rub-resistance, Gliding application.
8. Assembled as “s” shaped chain.
9. Large bending radius, direction variable.


1. For high vibrations and twisty situation

2. For large bending radius and changing situation

3. For large wear and high loading situation

4. For opposite direction bending

5. For longer stroke

Inapplicable occasion

Speed/acceleration LG Max.20[m/s]/max.200[m/s2]
Speed/acceleration LA Max.3[m/s]/max.6[m/s2]
Sliding speed/acceleration Max.12[m/s]/max.50[m/s2]
Material-permitted temperature Reinforce PA/-40℃ to +125
Flammability class, Reinforce PA UL94V-2


Type Inner height Inner width  Outer height Outer width Bending radius Pitch
CL40 40 80-400 69 122-442 70
CL46 46 80-400 79 126-446 78
CL66 66 100-600 106 154-654 99
CL88 89 100-600 139 144-644 200.250.300.350.400.500 128
CL108 110 150-650 165.5 202-702 200.300.400.500.600 155
CL110 110.2 150-650 165.5 202-702 200.300.400.500.600 155


Media Contact
Company Name: Jiangsu Krius Machine Partsanp Accessories Co., Ltd.
Email: Send Email
Phone: 0086-15371491231
Address:No.59 Huacheng East Road, Lujia Town
City: Kunshan
State: Jiangsu
Country: China

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