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The Dehydrated Vegetable Powder Purification Workshop Of Ruisheng Plant Has Been Upgraded And Put Into Operation

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The Dehydrated Vegetable Powder Purification Workshop Of Ruisheng Plant Has Been Upgraded And Put Into Operation

July 05
14:16 2021
Vegetable powder is the vegetable first dry dehydration, and then further crushed, vegetable powder is the extension of dehydrated vegetable products.

Ruisheng Food began to upgrade the dehydrated vegetable powder workshop at the end of 2020, and was recently upgraded and put into production.

Vegetable powder products are barley powder, Dehydrated carrot powder, Dehydrated tomato powder, Dehydrated potato powder, Dehydrated pumpkin powder, red beet powder, spinach powder, celery powder, mushroom powder, Dehydrated Purple Sweet Potato Powder, Natural Garlic Powder and other vegetable powder, can be customized according to customer requirements of all kinds of dehydrated vegetable and vegetable powder.

So far, Ruisheng Food has become one of the largest dehydrated vegetable production plants in China. The quantity of Instant Noodle Dried Vegetable Sachet provided by Ruisheng Food for Master Kong instant noodles continues to maintain an increasing trend, and the Dried Vegetable for Instant Noodle has been in short supply.

The development of dehydrated vegetable is closely related to the improvement of people’s material living standard. Starch food consumption centered on traditional grain is going from bad to worse, replaced by animal protein, fat, especially the consumption of vegetables has increased at an alarming rate, vegetables have become an indispensable important food in Ruisheng Food’s dietary life. Dehydrated vegetable, on the other hand, have the nutrients of fresh vegetables and can be stored for a long time. Fresh vegetables water content about 90%, therefore to harvest, gather, transport, storage, management, and distribution and sales, have brought considerable difficulties, the contradiction of supply, production, sales and the intermediate links is quite sharp, how to science dealing with the vegetables processing and storage has become a matter of life rich people’s diet and the priority of progress.

At present, there are many technical means to maintain and control the quality of vegetables. Storage, such as room temperature moisture storage, low temperature storage, plastic packaging storage, chemical storage, quick-frozen storage, radiation storage and CA gas storage, all lead to the same direction. The purpose is to provide consumers with ideal and satisfactory fresh vegetables. However, the existing control vegetables quality technology defects processing and high cost, poor preservation effect, was born so dehydrated vegetables, dehydrated vegetables also called compound water dish, is the use of artificial heating off most of the water and made into a dried vegetable, edible when can recover, as long as its in clean water and keep original colour and lustre, nutrition and special flavor.

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