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Going Beyond Existence with Soul Exploration Through Art

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Going Beyond Existence with Soul Exploration Through Art

July 05
12:24 2021
Creatively transforming lives.

Life can get overwhelming sometimes and that’s just the way it goes. While some overcome the stress and anxiety of a busy disposition, others find it hard to get a grip on things. It is possible to thrive in life’s challenges without years of pain and suffering, or counselling. It only takes a shift in perspective and trying out the Soul Exploration Through Art approach.

Kelly Hopkins, the founder of Soul Exploration Through Art, is a life coach, experienced speaker, and facilitator with a history of working in social services for 26 years. She created Soul Exploration Through Art to support women all over the world to help themselves gain a new outlook on life, realize their purpose, unleash their passion, and reach their fullest potential.

At Soul Exploration Through Art, Kelly uses the Soul Activation TechniqueTM, wherein she puts creative tools and activities at the forefront of helping women break free from the challenges they are currently facing mentally. Exercises involve a combination of different activities including journaling, meditation, visualization, painting, and drawing.

There’s no need to worry about not being an artist or even being bad at art because this is not needed in the entirety of the process. Every woman can just simply sign up for the coaching program and discover what has been hindering them to thrive and become successful. According to Kelly, “Artistic ability is not necessary to use art to utterly transform your life. It is the process not the product that matters. It is about getting out of your thinking brain and dropping down into your heart and allowing your soul to reveal the answers to what’s holding you back.”

By working with Kelly through the Soul Exploration Through Art approach, she guarantees that her students can reconnect to their inner wisdom, ignite their passion for life, and discover their purpose driven path with goals, accountability, and real change. Many of her clients can attest to how Kelly’s creative tactics for self-exploration have helped them achieve emotional freedom and have the courage to transform their lives.

Soul Exploration Through Art’s approach reaches out to the heart and soul, it brings about deep insights and connection. Kelly has recognized that art is powerful enough to help, inspire, and motivate people. Gain greater perspectives on life’s tricky situations and embrace a safe space of reflection, creativity, and fun. Discover how empowering it can be by joining Kelly in one of her sessions. For more information, visit here website at

About Soul Exploration Through Art

Soul Exploration Through Art is a coaching business founded by life coach and experienced speaker, Kelly Hopkins.

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Company Name: Soul Exploration Through Art
Contact Person: Kelly Hopkins
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Phone: 1-310-462-1219
Country: United States

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