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Filti’s Washable Air Filter is Green Solution for Clean Air

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Filti’s Washable Air Filter is Green Solution for Clean Air

July 02
20:28 2021

Filti’s Washable Air Filters promise 99% clean air without adding to the world’s plastic waste every quarter.

Air pollution, outdoor and indoor, claims seven million lives prematurely every year. That is a gray statistic. However, what is alarming is the fact that air is 2-5 times more polluted indoors than outdoors. This is the primary reason that HVAC systems require air filters. Although the debate on the need for air filters has long been settled, questions on the preferable type of filters remain unanswered. Filti’s washable air filters, equipped with its cutting-edge nanofiber technology, offer a viable solution.

Most people go for disposable air filters because of their relatively higher MERV rating. This implies that these air filters offer significantly higher pollutant filtration than other types. However, that’s not without recurring costs. These filters have a lifespan of two to three months, after which they need to be replaced. The cost is much higher than the market price and it will change every quarter. These filters are made of non-degradable plastic, which means that disposable air filters that provide clean air are, ironically, environmentally unfriendly.

Washable air filters, on the contrary, generally have lower MERV ratings but add little to our heap of non-degradable plastic waste. Instead of replacing the air filter every quarter, anyone can simply wash it to clean and reuse it. Mechanical washable air filters are preferable to electronic models because of their higher filtration capacity. These generally have a pleated media instead of a flat-screen which increases filtration capacity. Moreover, these use better quality plastic than disposable ones so, they can take multiple washes and have a stronger filter frame.

Filti’s washable filters have a higher MERV rating because they are equipped with innovative nanofiber technology. The ultra-thin fibers, forming a tight network of nanofibers, increase the filtration capacity manifold. These filters are strong enough to capture 0.3 microns which are considered the most difficult particles to filter out. Filti’s washable air filters have a MERV rating of 13, the highest washable filter rating on the market today and part of the reason why it’s patent-pending. These filters promise 99% clean air without creating resistance in the HVAC system. Last but not least, these washable air filters are much friendlier to the environment than their disposable counterparts.

Filti specializes in clean air solutions. Its innovative products are not only effective but durable and environment-friendly too. If looking for a green solution to clean air problems at home the should go for a mechanical washable air filter. For guaranteed 99% protection, Filter should be with a MERV rating between 11 and 16. If choose Filti, it promises value for money!

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