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Writer’s Branding hails its awardees in the prestigious Pacific Book Awards 2021; continues to redefine industry standards

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Writer’s Branding hails its awardees in the prestigious Pacific Book Awards 2021; continues to redefine industry standards

July 02
21:00 2021
Writer’s Branding, a full-service self-publishing company, lauds its pool of awardees who secured wins in the prestigious Pacific Book Awards 2021, as it expresses its commitment to ramping up efforts to assist more aspiring authors.

Writer’s Branding is bent on redefining industry standards by providing aspiring authors exclusive access to publicity and a pool of book evaluators and marketing creatives. 

As a full-service self-publishing company, Writer’s Branding also bridges authors to literary agencies and traditional publishing houses. 

“We deliver fresh and innovative solutions, including building genre-specific marketing platforms and target demographics, scrutinizing literary agencies specializing in the author’s book genre, and producing successful authors in landing national and international book deals and media interviews,” a company representative said. 

Writer’s Branding has partnered with Pacific Book Review to provide review services to its clients. 

Founded in 2005, Pacific Book Review is a recognizable name in the business for publishers, authors, literary agents, and the media. It specializes in authoritative, objective book reviews written by specialists selected for their knowledge and expertise in each genre.

Reviews put out by the Pacific Book Review have received accolades from all aspects of the publishing industry, e-Commerce recognition, scholastic recognition, news media, and personal praise from almost every author.

“In our partnership, Writer’s Branding provides Pacific Book Review with the manuscript of our clients for them to review. Those manuscripts that turn out to be exemplary are then considered for their annual awards,” the representative said.

Writer’s Branding has hailed its latest pool of awardees in the prestigious Pacific Book Awards 2021, which provides winning books with a Seal of Excellence unequalled by other forms of media exposure.

Author Hong Poh Fan’s book entitled “Privatization of Facility Management in Public Hospitals” has been selected as a finalist under the Best Education Category. His book talked about how the Malaysian economy has gone from a very underdeveloped country to a juggernaut of a high middle-income economy, posing many challenges to the health care industry- especially hospitals. 

In the book, Hong Poh Fan, a senior advisor and consultant on facility management for hospitals development, explores the transition that public hospitals have undertaken with the support of the private sector. 

Meanwhile, author Douglas A. Raisch has secured the win for the Best Health Category and was selected as a Finalist under the Best Reference Category with his top-rated book, “Patient Centricity: Achieving Positive Patient Outcomes and Bottom Line Results A Professional Guide for Improving Healthcare Performance Levels and the Global Patient Experience.”

The book is a must-read for healthcare professionals, as it provides more than 400 patient commentaries that impart valuable insights about how to meet CMS Regulatory Requirements successfully. 

Healthcare professionals get to learn how to create productive patient-centric relationships and achieve positive psychosocial outcomes. They also get to analyze how they can serve their patients better by reading their commentaries and understanding their motivations, personal preferences, and feelings related to care and life after a diagnosis. 

On the other hand, Author Jeanne Ann Off’s “From Homeless to Heaven” was selected as the winner in the Best Westerns Category. The book revolved around a rags-to-riches narrative, centering on a formerly homeless man who chose to work on a Colorado ranch instead of living in a homeless shelter. 

Having a Bachelor of Science degree from Colorado State University and a Bible College degree from Faith Bible Institute, Jeanne’s science education shows through on some of the book’s more technical sections. At the same time, her Bible studies come into play whenever the Bible or theology are tackled in the book.

Aspiring authors who want to take their publicity and marketing to the next level may contact Writer’s Branding to get started.

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