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July 01
13:12 2021 interviews Credit Repair Guru George Cole
Innovative software product is a game-changer for consumers.

Atlanta, Georgia – If COVID-19 has ruined your credit, George Cole would like to help. As an expert with 20-plus years in the credit repair industry, he has seen the pitfalls of bad credit. There are many missed opportunities, and others cost much more to pursue. Cole likens it to having a failing grade on the report card of life. Many consumers handle this problem by hiring a credit repair professional.

Unfortunately, the credit repair industry falls short in its ability to help consumers. Traditional credit repair relies on one primary technique to improve your credit: deleting accounts that have imperfect information. While doing this gives consumers a “clean slate” from which they can build credit faster, it also costs them much-needed positive account history. The late payments or repossession go away, but so does the consumer’s positive payment history.

Fortunately, this problem can be avoided with proper management. In his recent interview with, George Cole gives consumers his best advice for dealing with lower income during the pandemic and its aftermath. Instead of skipping payments and dodging debt collectors, the best path is to talk to creditors. This is important because if someone ignores their bills, they will only get higher. Mortgage banks and other lenders have programs that can help during this time.

Cole’s other piece of advice is to pay what you can. Rather than putting your entire mortgage into forbearance and forgetting about it, pay as much as you can. This way, you can avoid having to pay all of that extra interest later. Not letting the interest build-up reduces the overall cost of your debt relief over time.

Sadly, Cole’s advice comes too late for many consumers. This is why he and a business partner, with their combined 30 years in the business, developed Credit Reversal Guru. It is revolutionary software that, according to Cole, was designed to beat the credit system. His proprietary process is based on more than erasing the past. Instead, it paves the way for a client’s future success.

How does Credit Reversal Guru work? Rather than getting rid of good credit history to eliminate derogatory information, Cole’s product is designed to reverse negative information only. The software helps credit repair professionals get negative information removed without deleting the entire tradeline. This way, their clients can keep positive credit history. Cole compares this technique to replacing those failing grades with straight As, making clients attractive to lenders.

Nonetheless, it is usually better to prevent bad credit in the first place. To help customers do this, Cole gives several other pieces of advice in his Rolling Out interview. These include a successful approach to student loans. He also has some Georgia-specific insights on debt collections and repossession rules.

Want to learn more? You can read the entire interview here:

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