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Wastewater Treatment Is Quick, Cost-Effective, and Space-Saving with Hydro Blue

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Wastewater Treatment Is Quick, Cost-Effective, and Space-Saving with Hydro Blue

June 30
22:54 2021
MBR treatment is proven superior to traditional processes in size, cost, and removal rate

Hydro Blue, a wastewater treatment company that has specialized in ultrafiltration membranes for over 15 years, is employing an MBR process to purify wastewater with minimal pollution, reduced energy consumption, and a sleeker design.

Membrane bioreactor (MBR) water treatment at Hydro Blue entails the combination of filtration membranes with suspension-growth bioreactors, and offers a few key preferences to older models. Compared to traditional processes, MBR treatment has a smaller physical presence, improved impurity removal rate, reduced sludge treatment costs, and effective separation of ammonia nitrogen.

MBR can be carried out in two ways: split and integrated. A “split” process keeps the bioreactor and membrane unit separate, while “integrated” systems insert the membrane unit within the bioreactor. Hydro Blue has actually developed its own advanced ultrafiltration membrane with a handful of advantageous properties, including super-hydrophilicity, anti-pollution, low trans-membrane pressure, and long-term durability. The company also offers filtration systems and membrane bioreactors for truly modernized wastewater treatment.

Hydro Blue’s MBR PVDF Ultrafiltration System is constructed of extremely durable PVDF material and serves as the centerpiece of sewage treatment by nearly completely filtering out unwanted bacteria. It hosts water collecting and aeration systems to keep water production concentrated and reduce the probability of sludge or mud pollution. The company’s membrane bioreactor are another integral component of the MBR process, as they collect small nitrifying bacteria for improved ammonia nitrogen removal and saves up to 50% of floor space when compared to traditional systems. It’s also easy to clean with low energy needs and operating costs, similarly to Hydro Blue’s Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor. MABR is a recent process with reduced energy consumption, partially due to less oxygen demand for nitrification. These reactors are aimed at treating domestic sewage – especially the removal of nitrogen and carbon.

About Hydro Blue

Hydro Blue is a water filter membrane manufacturer that supports package sewage treatment plants with valuable wastewater solutions and technological advantages. The company has a decade of experience in carrying out the research, development, manufacturing, and application of Ultrafiltration Membrane (UF) hollow-fiber material for wastewater treatment for municipal sewage, landfills, and companies in the laundry, paper, dyeing, food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. Using an MBR wastewater treatment process, they focus on problems such as water scarcity, productivity, quality, environmental issues, and energy needs.

To get in touch with Hydro Blue, customers can email [email protected], submit an online contact form, or call +86-0757-86690983 directly.

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