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Fallaw MyoFitness creates ‘Sustainable Fitness Solution’ that Actually Works

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Fallaw MyoFitness creates ‘Sustainable Fitness Solution’ that Actually Works

April 24
02:09 2021
Personalised fitness and nutrition coaching. Specialising in weight loss, fat loss, muscle gain, mobility and body recomposition.

Fallaw MyoFitness is a global fitness company that helps frustrated men and women transform their bodies for life, without restrictions.

What do we mean by restrictions? Well, think about all the extreme measures men and women go through just to try and lose some weight.

1 meal per day, intermittent fasting, cutting carbs, working out 6 days per week, cutting out sugar… the list goes on. People think they have to restrict their favourite foods, social outings and that fitness has to consume their life if they want results.

Here at FMF, we hate that. Results count if they’re sustainable.

They do not count if someone rebounds to who they were before the extreme measures. Think about this…

Who gets the MVP award in a playoff series? The player who plays the best games consistently.

Not the player who played one great game. Fitness is the same. It doesn’t count if someone can achieve results once. It counts if they can sustain them and have those results forever.

That’s what we teach here at Fallaw MyoFitness, under guidance from CEO George Fallaw. A former football player, turned physique athlete and globally recognised fitness expert.

To read more about us and to get to know George a bit more, you can click this link below: 

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