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Lotus Tribe Clothing stands out as a leader in sustainable and ethical practices

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Lotus Tribe Clothing stands out as a leader in sustainable and ethical practices

April 22
23:30 2021
Earth friendly fashion, eco activism and entrepreneurial philanthropy through yoga clothing.

Lotus Tribe Clothing has become a favorite with conscious consumers for its commitment to plant based fabrics and plastic free packaging. Every decision about their business practices takes their impact on mother earth into consideration.

Starting out with Yoga Pants their line of yoga clothing quickly grew to include shorts, skirts and accessories. A mix of nature inspired solid colors and eye catching tie dyes, the line is popular with yoga and fitness enthusiasts as well as eco warriors and conscious consumers.

Easy to wear, soft and stretchy styles that form fit to each person’s body makes it easy to feel good while you look good and do good.

Collections – Lotus Tribe Clothing

Their dedication to natural fibers means that they use a blend of natural cotton with only 10% elastane for stretch. This means they have 90% less synthetic ingredients than traditional yoga wear that is made from petrochemicals. Synthetic fabric clothing leeches tiny plastic particles into the water ways each time they are washed and this toxic pollution affects wildlife and fish in every corner of the world. The bioaccumulation of plastic moves through the food chain, making its way onto your plate and into your bloodstream. The best way to avoid this is to buy and wear only natural fiber clothing. Their Bandeau tops and new flared bottom yoga pants are available in organic cotton and they hope to continue to become even more earth friendly as they expand.

Bandeau Tops by Lotus Tribe Clothing

Packaging is one of the top rubbish producers and brands that incorporate plastic free packaging into their business model are hard to find. Lotus Tribe Clothing ships in small reuseable and compostable boxes with paper tape. No extraneous packaging. labels, or tags that will be instantly thrown away. Your order comes wrapped in tissue paper like a gift from a friend.

Lotus Tribe also plants trees for every item they sell. As of Spring 2021 they have literally grown their own forest, with over 10,000 trees planted to date. Restoring our planet with TreeSisters helps to create biodiversity, maintain natural habitats and employs women in equatorial climates. Tree planting is one of the best ways to combat climate change by creating a means to absorb carbon from the atmosphere naturally.

If you are ready to practice mindful consumerism and use your purchasing power to be the change you want to see in the world, then is the place to start.

Lotus Tribe Clothing Natural Fiber Yoga Clothes and More

TreeSisters invites everyone to do as much radical good as they can for the planet. TreeSisters offers unique global programs that focus on encouraging women’s leadership, Nature-connection, and significant behaviour change as we make the shift from being consumers to restorers. TreeSisters is funding the restoration of environments, biodiversity and communities within 10+ major ecosystems around the world, through a diverse portfolio of vetted, trusted reforestation projects.

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