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Even Small Bathrooms Can Be Transformed into More Current and Luxurious Spaces

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Even Small Bathrooms Can Be Transformed into More Current and Luxurious Spaces

April 21
13:18 2021

Many individuals are spending more time than ever before at home now in Toronto, and the GTA, by working remotely.  Their home now is their workspace also, and escape from the stresses of dealing with both inside one residence, is necessary.  A great bathroom can work as a sanctuary for privacy at the end of each day.  A trendy, yet luxurious bathroom achieves this end, and even smaller bathrooms can be rejuvenated into quiet havens from the world. 

The fact is that many believe a small bathroom renovation or remodel would be much less costly than a larger bathroom project and this is not the absolute truth.  Each renovation or remodel, no matter how small or large, depends upon the types of materials chosen, and the workmanship involved in the process.  If a bathroom, even a small one, has a need for new wiring and plumbing, this does add to the costs of the remodel.  How old a bathroom is, and how much work a property owner will need, is determined by the needs of the owner and the aesthetics they are seeking also. 

More expensive cabinetry will increase the price of any remodel, but the better-quality cabinetry will last longer and be easier to use, with better pulls and knobs, as well as smoother opening and closing features.  The same goes for the type of tiles selected, and bathroom fixtures.  Sinks, tubs, faucets, and of course the tiles come in all price ranges.  A good bathroom remodelling company such as Bathroom Renovation, will consult personally with each client before beginning work in to ensure that affordability of the changes requested is addressed. 

Smaller bathrooms in Toronto and the GTA also do typically only measure about 40 square feet.  This does not mean that the smaller the bathroom the cheaper the remodel.  As stated previously, the cost ranges dramatically depending upon the amount of work needed and the needs and wishes of each individual client. The average costs can range from a mere $9000.00 CAD to a whopping $22,000 CAD.  Older bathrooms tend to need more upgrading, and more space is generally needed in each bathroom, which does cry out for extra cabinetry and lighting that may make a bathroom look larger and more expansive.

A newer bathroom will be less costly and could be enhanced with simply lighter colors in paint and tiles, as well as lighter colour cabinetry.  It is important, however, to consider the longevity of the remodelling project, as too strict a budget, with the choice of lesser quality materials and cabinetry will make a remodel less likely to withstand years of wear and tear and possibly lead to a second remodel sooner than expected.  Bathroom Renovations works with each owner one on one whether redoing a residential or commercial bathroom, to ensure that each remodel meets their expectations and is as affordable as possible. 

About Bathroom Renovation

Providing quality cost-effective bathroom remodels, renovations, and rejuvenations to Toronto and the GTA is a specialty with this company.  Pride in workmanship is a priority and all technicians highly trained in this field.  The consultations are free, and remodels can be done on both large and small bathrooms, as well as commercial and residential ones. 

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