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Overcome Disordered Eating, Anxiety & Depression with Erin Reiland

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Overcome Disordered Eating, Anxiety & Depression with Erin Reiland

February 09
13:54 2021
Overcome Disordered Eating, Anxiety & Depression with Erin Reiland

Erin Reiland, Certified Disordered Eating/Anxiety, Breathwork, NLP & Trauma Coach
Recovery is Always Possible

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Eating disorders are perhaps the deadliest health condition in the world. While they’re possible to overcome, doing so can feel like an insurmountable challenge. Anxiety and depression tend to go hand-in-hand with eating disorders, making them even harder to deal with. While beating an eating disorder may sometimes feel impossible, there’s no shortage of resources for those seeking help, and Erin Reiland—certified disordered eating/anxiety and trauma coach — stands out among all of them.

Erin Reiland is a writer, blog contributor, certified disordered eating/anxiety/trauma coach, certified PAUSE Breathwork Practitioner, and certified NLP practitioner. She suffered from her own eating disorder for 20 years before recovering and then pursued her calling to help other women through her coaching. She struggled with each type of disordered eating and suffered from anxiety, depression, and self-hatred. She was in and out of treatment centers most of her life to the point that she wasn’t sure that recovery would be possible. With help, support, self-discovery, and working through her past pain and trauma, she was able to fully recover.

Now, through her coaching business InBody_Love Coaching, she helps women in similar situations through one-on-one coaching services. It is her mission to spread awareness and give support to women and guide them to a place of love and acceptance of themselves. Best of all, her breathwork and NLP certifications help her utilize a variety of modalities to bring a comprehensive and lasting-results program to life.

Erin coaches her clients to work through their trauma so they can live their best lives. Her highly specialized and customized approach provides a safe, supportive, non-judgmental environment for her clients so she can meet them where they’re at, examine their relationships to food and trauma, and help them find healthier, more liberating outlets. Her own personal battles with trauma and eating disorders inform her compassion and understanding when it comes to helping others, and this makes her uniquely qualified to help her clients reclaim their lives.

Erin offers a 1-hour introductory session for potential clients, in which she goes over the core issues facing them, assesses how they’ll work together, and creates a FREE roadmap based on their currents goals and how they want to proceed. From there, they can proceed however they want.

“I know you may be thinking that LOVING your body is hard to imagine! I felt the same way. We will work together to uncover the root causes of the shaming or being scared of feeling into or the fear you feel about your body with the goal of working towards true appreciation and understanding that your body is not the enemy,” she says. “Through breathwork sessions, meditations, written guides to assist you, and owning your own power and inner radiance that is already there, you will begin to feel more connected and at peace with who you are.”

For those looking to overcome their trauma and eating disorders, Erin can be contacted on her website here. Introductory sessions can be booked here. She can also be found on episodes of Recovered Living here. If you’re interested in her work, follow her on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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