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Young Legend: Younjosh on His Journey Towards Becoming a Musical Sensation

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Young Legend: Younjosh on His Journey Towards Becoming a Musical Sensation

December 25
20:54 2020
Young Legend: Younjosh on His Journey Towards Becoming a Musical Sensation

In today’s highly dynamic and saturated music industry, there are those who still manage to stand out and make a memorable impact. Among the sea of talented artists gifted with such ability emerges Younjosh, an outstanding musician whose unique pieces bring together the finest style and flair in the most remarkable way possible. And as he continues to take his career to greater heights, he proves that it is only a matter of time before he makes it to the summit. 

Widely acknowledged for embracing his individuality, Younjosh harnesses his uniqueness and uses it as his weapon in braving the competitive waters of the music industry. Immensely fueled by the determination to share his craft, he sends the powerful message that being different is nothing to be afraid of. Quite the contrary, one’s authenticity can be the driving force behind their success. 

As one of the foremost advocates of self-expression, Younjosh, more prominently known as the “Young Legend,” believes that every voice deserves to be heard. And as he cements his name in the music industry, he encourages aspirants and dreamers to speak their truths and wield their talents to spark inspiration and ignite passion in the lives of others. 

Born March 16, 1984, Younjosh Chrys Marley is an internationally renowned DJ, record producer, director, songwriter, brand ambassador, and remixer. With an incredible passion for music, his goal is to bring people into the groove and dance along with his beats. Growing up in Paris, he explains that much of his artistry is influenced by his grandmother, Constance Marley, who was a well-known pop, reggae, and gospel singing sensation. 

In an interview, Younjosh shared that he spent the early days of his career spinning house and pop music. According to this up and rising musician, his mixes quickly evolved into a whole musical production where he introduced a seductive combination of electro house, deep house, pop blend, and hip-hop. He also released a bootleg of David Guetta’s hit smash, “I Got a Feeling,” that was discovered online and captured many promoters’ interest in the United States. 

With his growing connections and expanding exposure, Younjosh began to forge friendships and work with celebrities such as Harvey J, Flo Rida, Usher, Jermaine Dupri, and Arty, to name a few. His debut album, #InMusicWeTrust, back in 2016, reached more than a hundred thousand streams within the first month of its release.  

Since dipping his toes into the music scene, Younjosh has managed to stay afloat and distinguish himself from other artists and musicians because of his unmatched dedication and all-out efforts. As his way of relating to his listeners, he regularly keeps in touch with them through social media accounts. For this reason, he proves worthy of all the love and support he has been getting from fans. 

In the coming years, this must-watch artist looks forward to having his independent record label company and club. Through these avenues, he aims to help the house music community thrive and flourish. In addition, he also hopes to cater to budding artists by expanding their horizons and maximizing their potential. 

More importantly, in the process of birthing tracks and other creative outputs that are bound to leave an impact, Younjosh wishes to inspire aspiring individuals to celebrate their uniqueness courageously. With his big plans to dominate the scene and influence people for the better, it can be expected that this multi-talented artist will evolve into a musical phenomenon. 

To know more about Younjosh, you may stream his music on Spotify, follow him on Instagram, or subscribe to his channel on YouTube.

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