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Move Makers Consulting Gives Business Operators a Strong Leverage on Social Media Platforms

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Move Makers Consulting Gives Business Operators a Strong Leverage on Social Media Platforms

December 07
11:06 2020
Move Makers Consulting Gives Business Operators a Strong Leverage on Social Media Platforms

No entrepreneur would ever say that starting a business is easy. More so, not one will say that building a strong social media presence on Instagram is simply achieved with a few clicks. Developing, running, and growing a business is a tough experience, and establishing a formidable Instagram presence is a lot tougher than most people think. Move Makers Consulting makes it a lot easier for business operators to grow their business and get the Instagram mileage they need with a fail-proof approach that comes with a lot of other perks. 

Aside from developing the business strategically by learning how to monetize opportunities on Instagram, clients also get to enjoy detailed coaching, useful tools and resources, and updates on new trends and important changes that can hasten their growth with the company’s founder himself, Lamonte Lans, also known as “Monty.” While other service providers offer their extravagantly priced packages to many clients, Move Makers Consulting is all about providing entrepreneurs with massive value for a very affordable cost. Clients can take advantage of one on one coaching and group workshops handled by Monty himself.

“What’s unique about my service is that I teach my clients a more practical approach toward growing their business and influence on Instagram. With so many activity restrictions and the exceeding potential risks that come with automation, learning the psychology and strategies to organically build a targeted and dedicated community on Instagram is invaluable. Having such an audience is what optimizes the ability to monetize, which is the ultimate goal for anyone using social media platforms like Instagram for entrepreneurial reasons,” explains Monty. 

Move Makers Consulting came into fruition at the height of the pandemic, when numerous businesses, both big and small, were losing their grip and opted to shut down after so many years of existence. While at the same time, thousands of new entrepreneurs were emerging in response to unforeseen circumstances. As a seasoned social media consultant and entrepreneur, Monty realized right away that in order to survive the world health crisis, there is a need for a new way of doing things. Seeing that countless people shifted to entrepreneurship to brave the present pandemic, Monty immediately saw the need for a reliable and well-experienced social media consultancy. 

“I am also inspired by the fact that creating a life of independence and financial abundance is possible for everyone who dares to pursue. So knowing that I have the knowledge and ability to contribute to the success of aspiring and existing entrepreneurs all over the world is something that has ignited a fire of passion, excitement, and inspiration inside of me,” Monty adds. 

Looking ahead, Monty sees himself coaching more entrepreneurs many years from now and helping them understand their businesses better. He looks forward to a time when Move Makers Consulting will be recognized as the go-to company when it comes to social media coaching and marketing. He also envisions inviting more mentors to come on board to guide aspiring entrepreneurs. As an entrepreneur himself, Monty understands how important it is to have a mentor when growing a business. Otherwise, entrepreneurs will continue to struggle with the plight of their respective companies. 

With effective coaching and helpful strategies, companies will continue to be in good hands with Move Makers Consulting, and there is no doubt that Lamonte Lans will be seeing more successful business operations in the next few months. You can get valuable social media tips and advice directly from Monty by following him on Instagram.

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