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The Underground Space, aka the Urban Reflection, Will Bring a Breathtaking View of the Future City

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The Underground Space, aka the Urban Reflection, Will Bring a Breathtaking View of the Future City

December 07
10:00 2020

A city is like a life. The prosperity and development of a city is the process of its growth.

From the perspective of architectural development history, the 20th century is the century of high-rise building development, while the 21st century is the century of underground space development and utilization.

In the future, the core area of Central Business District of Jiangbei New Area, Nanjing will have many ground buildings reaching to the sky. An underground city corresponding to the tall buildings, which is a larger and more complex space system, is under construction. This underground space, known as the reflection of the city, is 7 stories deep and will create breathtaking views of the future city.

Nowadays, highly urbanization is facing many development problems such as dense population, traffic jams, and increased energy consumption. The contradiction between the rapid expansion of urban space demand and limited land resources has become increasingly prominent. Looking at the current situation of urban construction space in developed countries in the world, obtaining space and resources from underground has become one of inevitable trends in the development of modern cities.

A city is an important symbol representing the level of economic development and social civilization of a country. As the spatial development and management of Chinese cities gradually become more refined and complex, the development and utilization of overground and underground space continue to merge, the public nature of underground space continues to increase, and urban public life continues to expand toward underground space. From subway transportation and large buildings extending to the underground naturally to the development into sophisticated underground complexes, such as underground streets, cultural and sports projects (museums, libraries, gymnasiums, art galleries), and integrated pipeline corridors, combined with underground rapid rail transit systems, urban underground space has become an important resource for social and economic development.

Modern cities are also paying more attention to the development potential of underground space. Planners believe that underground space has its own characteristics and attractiveness. On the schematic diagram of the underground space, the solid line and the dotted line are connected together to form a complex integrated network, like a maze.

When the city goes down, the city has one more dimension. The underground space in the Central Business District of Jiangbei New Area is like the singularity of two spaces. As time flows together and space folds up, the city is jointed.

The underground space of the Central Business District is the core area of the Jiangbei New Area below the horizon, and another dimension of urban space planned for the new Area. The coordinated development of the ground and underground space makes the underground space an important space carrier supporting the development of Jiangbei New Area and a reflection of the city that complements the ground space. According to the geological landform and hydrogeological conditions of the Jiangbei New Area, combined with the economic, social and urban development trends during the planning period, the development of underground space is mainly concentrated in the medium and shallow areas with the long-term prospects of deep underground space development.

The underground space project of the Central Business District of Jiangbei New Area adopts Japan’s most cutting-edge concept of underground city construction, redefines the appearance of the city, and gives the city more future qualities. The project breaks through the conventional underground space design, and introduces “wind, light, water, and green” into the underground by setting skylights and increasing the height of the building, so as to provide sunlight, fresh air, green plants and a comfortable environment for the underground space. The city’s express way penetrates from the ground to the underground, and four subway lines partly intersect for seamless transfer. The large multi-functional commercial center allows people to sit in the underground park and relax when they are tired from shopping. It is not only cool like an underground city in a science fiction movie, but also a comfortable new space for modern urban life.

By 2025, a central business district integrating technological innovation, health care, financial business, cultural leisure, and diverse social contacts will be shown to the public with future prospects.

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