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European privacy adds blog to educate clientele

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European privacy adds blog to educate clientele

December 05
01:00 2020
European privacy adds blog to educate clientele
A Belgian company dealing with online protection and privacy called PrivacyEnBescherming advises that VPN, or Virtual Private Network, should be used for protection purposes.

December 4, 2020 – A Belgian company dealing with online protection and privacy called PrivacyEnBescherming advises that VPN, or Virtual Private Network, should be used for protection purposes. The firm’s blog advises those interested in securing their internet connections with the aim of tackling confusion and creating closer bonds with site visitors.  

At a time when the Internet is an indispensable part of everyone’s life and a place where absolutely all information can be found, data protection is found to be extremely important. Therefore, all the common people, all the companies, and every other presence that uses the Internet will of course look for as many ways as possible to better protect themselves and their identity. 

‘With the ever-increasing targeted online marketing, people are starting to live in fear for their privacy,” claims the General Manager of the PrivacyEnBescherming, and adds: “Any attempt to prevent such private information leaking should be taken seriously and immediately. The VPN comes as the best choice for its qualities, and such software should be present on every personal computer in the world.”

Considering that by not using VPN, people get into a situation to be exposed to various online attacks. The most common form of so-called “aggression” is by marketing companies that can see and bombard people with advertisements about their products every time they search for something online and every word they type on the Internet. As the company suggests, although it sounds harmless, this type of online marketing is definitely a violation of privacy and everyone should beware of it. 

Not only that, but without using a VPN, people find themselves in a position where the state government can track more easily, which in some states is seen as an even more serious problem or concern. And, of course, the all-time serious problem of being attacked by a hacker is still present, and installing the VPN will drastically lower the chances of such attacks.

There are various possibilities on how to better protect privacy on the Internet, and these include ad blockers, anti-virus software, and the like, but the number one option, as this company suggests, should be the VPN and advises everyone to get a network like this.

What is a VPN? As the name suggests – VPN, or virtual private network, bypasses the standard IP addresses of the internet service provider and creates an internet network where it is not so easy to extract information. This way people will mask their location as well as other private information about them, and their Internet surfing and browsing can be safe and pleasant.

There are free and paid VPNs. While free VPNs are risky, there are some that are possible to be used in general but, of course, with certain limitations, as is usually the case with free software. On the other hand, paid VPNs are extremely reliable, effective, and for very little money will save a lot of problems when it comes to privacy, which is of utmost importance according to PrivacyEnBescherming.

About the company

PrivacyEnBescherming is a Belgian privacy and security firm, dealing with and preventing problems of cyberattacks. The emphasis is on giving useful advice to the public that is both legal and easy to implement.  

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