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Reach Desired Fitness Goals In Unprecedented Times With Nico Dandini, Fitness Professional And Coach At Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning

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Reach Desired Fitness Goals In Unprecedented Times With Nico Dandini, Fitness Professional And Coach At Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning

December 04
15:15 2020

Losing weight and reaching fitness goals is tough, even in the best circumstances. Throw in a pandemic and a year marked by chaos, and losing weight can feel nearly impossible. However, according to Nico Dandini, fitness professional and coach at the renowned Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning gym (MBSC), achieving fitness goals is still completely possible. 

Nico Dandini graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2018 with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Kinesiology. He subsequently landed a job as a personal trainer at MBSC. Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning has been recognized as a Top 10 Gym in the nation in multiple publications, including Men’s Health and Women’s Health Magazines. The gym is well known for both their functional training and sports performance training programs. 

Over the last 2 years, Nico Dandini has trained athletes, teams, and individuals of all levels and equipped his clients with the tools, resources, and knowledge to reach their greatest fitness goals. When the pandemic altered the routines of gym-enthusiasts across the globe, MBSC pivoted, first offering exclusively online training programs, then outdoor only workouts, and eventually restricted indoor workouts. During this time, Nico improved his online coaching services through MBSC, and presently offers 1-1 (in-person and online) training and nutritional programs tailored to his client’s goals, equipment access, and fitness level. 

For many, the turbulence of 2020 has caused them to lapse into unhealthy eating habits and allow their training to fall to the wayside because getting to the gym was impossible. 

However, Nico is clear, “With the right knowledge and mindset, it is entirely possible to achieve our greatest goals, even amid a pandemic.” 

Nico Dandini shares his top three tips to lose weight during unprecedented times. 

1. Figure out why you want to get healthy or lose weight. It’s very important to have a clear “why”. Perhaps a person wants to live longer, so they can spend more time with their family. Or maybe they want to improve their quality of life. 

According to Nico, “Weight loss doesn’t necessarily mean getting shredded, oftentimes it just means feeling better and having more physical freedom.”

Whatever a person’s “why” is, they should write it down, and keep it in a spot where they’ll see it everyday. That way, they are constantly reminded of their purpose to lose weight.

2. Formulate a nutrition plan. Nico’s boss and mentor Mike Boyle once said, “You can’t out train a bad diet.” Therefore, those who want to lose weight, develop a nutrition plan that puts them in a calorie deficit. A calorie deficit is when a person burns more calories than they consume. It’s the foundation of weight loss, so it’s important their nutrition plan checks that box. 

There are two ways to achieve a calorie deficit. The first is by determining how many calories a person can eat per day to get into a calorie deficit than counting calories throughout their day. Counting calories is great for individuals who enjoy numbers, percentages, and having clear goals to stay within. Nico recommends the free My Fitness Pal app which makes counting calories simple! For those who want to know how many calories they need to eat per day to get into a calorie deficit, download Nico’s eBook titled The Beginner’s Guide to Fat Loss.

However, this method can be overwhelming or stressful for others who may prefer a more fluid approach to nutrition. For these folks, Nico shares the second strategy they can use to achieve a calorie deficit. Base each meal around a protein source, a serving of fruits/veggies, and at least 8oz of water. Regardless of the method they choose, remember to be realistic, and take baby steps. 

“Sustainable methods lead to sustainable results,” says Nico.

3. Create a consistent training routine. Get moving to burn calories. When developing a training routine, Nico advises to start small. 

“The biggest mistake I see people make is biting off more than they can chew and then burning out,” he explains. 

“The best way to see results is through consistency, so it’s important to use sustainable methods that allow you to be consistent.

“You don’t have to workout 7 days a week to the point of exhaustion. Rather 2-3 quality workouts per week and 10-20min walks everyday will help you lose weight sustainably,” Nico says. 

Another way to stay consistent is to find an accountability partner or hire a coach who will push a person towards their goals even on days they don’t feel like it. 

BONUS TIP: Be patient

A person can’t expect change within the first 2 weeks of making a change. Instead, they should stay on the path and be consistent, over time, they’ll start to see change. Remember, health is a lifelong journey! 

To learn more about Nico Dandini or inquiry about his training services at MBSC, visit


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