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Boston realty expert Tayla Andre’s new book shares step-by-step guide for successful home buying

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Boston realty expert Tayla Andre’s new book shares step-by-step guide for successful home buying

October 31
10:45 2020
“Finally Home” is a new book by top Boston realty expert Tayla Andre which offers a detailed blueprint on successful home buying for first time home buyers.

Boston, Massachusetts – October 30, 2020 – First time home buyers looking for a guide for successful home buying need not search further. Leading Boston realty agent and radio personality, Tayla Andre, has recently released her new book that offers a step-by-step guide for people preparing for first time homeownership. Aptly titled “Finally Home”, the book covers all the tips and tricks one  needs to know to be an informed home buyer and also to avoid the common beginner mistakes.

“It’s an exciting moment for me to announce the release of my new book ‘Finally Home’. Home buying can be an overwhelming procedure and more so when you are a first time home buyer,” stated Andre.

“Gentrification has been a glaring issue in urban cities across the nation, leading to exorbitant rates and unnecessary high cost of living. It’s about time that you stop paying your landlord’s mortgage and start paying your own with your own home. And my book will offer you the proven roadmap to buying your first home while creating the American dream wealth for future generations.”

Per the statements of the author, “Finally Home” will equip the reader with the needed confidence to delve into the home buying process without feeling exploited or vulnerable. The book covers every major aspect of a home buying process, especially for the first time, so that the aspiring buyers get a clear idea on what to do and what not to for a successful investment. From tips and tricks to truths about credit to improving credit rating to negotiating with home sellers, the book covers everything one must know to land up with an informed decision with their first home purchase.  

While speaking on the inspiration behind “Finally Home”, the author and real estate agent mentioned getting frequent calls for help from aspiring home buyers. 

“You don’t even have to be thinking about homeownership for the book to be valid to you. We started getting calls from people interested so we started educating them on how real estate works and to my surprise lower income families have little to no knowledge regarding credit budgeting savings and are anywhere between six months to five years before they will be fully prepared to purchase, ‘Finally Home’ would get them ready years in advance.” 

Andre’s real estate career stemmed from her passion to understand the continuous process of gentrification plaguing the urbanized areas in recent times. Her extensive research in the field finally led her to join leading brokerage firm Thumbprint Realty as a professional agent.

(In Frame : Author, Tayla Andre)

With Thumbprint, Andre launched a campaign in 2016 called the 90 Day Home Buying Challenge. “We got about 1,000 calls from people interested,” she says. “We started educating people on what it takes to buy a home and understand how real estate works.”

She continues, “Before, it was only those who knew, knew. But we wanted to open up the conversation to everybody. This should be something that is talked about at the dinner table. A lot of people in my community lacked these conversations.”

Since that first home-buying campaign in 2016, Andre has worked one-on-one with various clients who, three years later, are still in the process of becoming financially strong enough to buy a home in the Greater Boston area. “Some people have defaults on their credit, or really low credit and no savings,” she says. “I spend 60 percent of my time educating people.” 

According to Andre, what every first-time homebuyer should know is that they should have a credit score of at least 630, but ideally at least 750 to get a lower interest rate. First-time homebuyers should also have at least $10,000 in savings and seek out pre-approvals for loans. “Don’t let student loans hold you back if you haven’t paid them back in full yet,” says Andre. “Everyone has them, so it’s not usually a huge issue.” 

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