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Introducing Luke Garrett, the young English investor making waves in Real Estate.

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Introducing Luke Garrett, the young English investor making waves in Real Estate.

October 14
16:32 2020

Luke Garrett is a young, rising investor who currently works at NED Capital, a company that is one of the most respected and service focused banks in England.

Luke, who grew up in a small town just outside of Liverpool, England, with mixed Middle Eastern and British roots from his mother’s side, has always had an innate propensity for the nitty-gritty of business.

From an early age, he has always been fascinated with the mechanics of how business works — always wondering why people buy things the way they do, or what makes one service better than another — pretty much pushing the boundaries of both service and products. His mentality evolved from his grandfather, who was a successful businessman himself. Back then, he would always tag along with his grandfather on his day-to-day dealings, just watching, listening, and learning.

Luke doesn’t have any University education. His academics ended at 16. From the look of things, it seems he doesn’t need it. At a time when his friends were traveling, schooling in the university, taking vacations, he worked hard for his future and completed the first purchase of his property and received the keys. A feat he considers as one of his proudest moments.

Luke, while reminiscing on his journey so far, said: “The reality for me is that finding out what I wanted to do was a process, not an event. A man cannot be pregnant but can learn how to be a great parent! I decided to get a job in a local barbershop. 6 months on, I saw an opportunity in the fast-growing male grooming industry. 18 months later, at the age of 19, I opened my own male grooming salon. My focus was, again, on quality of service, the materials I used, and the time – all differentiators in my mind.” 

That experience, along with the fact that most Forbes billionaires, whom he has judiciously studied, are into real estate, gave Luke the impetus to launch into the property development market. Today, Luke works with NED Capital, where they specialize in everything Real Estate. “What makes our company unique is this: investment targets are set not by return, but by spend, in other words, we MUST invest our portfolio budgets each year. That, to me, is unicorn-like!” Luke explained.

Luke himself has benefited from timely pieces of advice and admonitions in his venture. Bits of Advice he’s incorporated into his ethos as a result-oriented businessman. One of such is the counsel always to walk away from a negotiation, but with dignity and respect. This is distinctly different than walking away with frustration “You cannot bring emotions into deals. Trust your numbers. Be open to scrutiny. Too many people become emotionally attached to deals and this is the absolute worst thing you can do. Always be prepared to walk away!” he said.

Luke is an epitome of hard work, skill, tenacity, and persistence. He’s a young man who has always known what he wants and has defied the odds to get them. He may not be where he wants now, but he’s undoubtedly on the way to greatness. 

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