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The CRCC-Future Vision will enable Wenzhou in step with the rest of the world to enjoy an even brighter future

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The CRCC-Future Vision will enable Wenzhou in step with the rest of the world to enjoy an even brighter future

October 10
05:15 2020

On Oct.9th, 2020, BJT, a 30-sceond-long Chinese video “flooded” onto the Nasdaq big screen in Times Square, NYC.


The 30-second-long promo of the CRCC•Future Vision Project unveils itself to the world on the Nasdaq big screen in NYC Times Square, a global crossroad where the CRCC-Future Vision makes a worldwide announcement of its presence! As a Fortune Global 500 member and a Chinese central enterprise, the CRCC is committed to renovating and revitalizing Wenzhou City from the visionary perspective of the future habitation and with the aim of paying tribute to Wenzhou people across the world by presenting this work signifying the future image of Wenzhou City.

Hailed as the world center, the NYC Times Square overshadows all its parallels for its outstanding status in the global enterprises’ fight for the best brand display battleground over the previous 100 years. As China’s expediting its step to rise, the typical Chinese elements have begun to appear and shine in Times Square.  Following Alibaba, Huawei and some other Chinese enterprises, China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC) premieres in Times Square letting its voice heard worldwide. The CRCC•Future Vision aspires to voice on its own on the global stage while carrying along the municipal pride of China’s Wenzhou City and the ambition of the CRCC as a Fortune Global 500 member and a Chinese central enterprise. At such a juncture, the whole world is focusing on China’s future community.

What is on earth a future community? The exploration and construction regarding the “future community” has been emerging worldwide, such as the Singaporean “Neighborhood Center” Project, and the European BLOCK Project, both of which are also deemed as a kind of practice of the future community concept. With the deepening of the new round of scientific and technological revolution and the industrial revolution, the future community has become a universal tendency for future development.

As the first pilot project jointly developed and constructed by Zhejiang Province and the CRCC, a Fortune Global 500 member and at the same time a central enterprise which is reputed as an outsize construction group with the strongest competence and the largest scale nationwide and even worldwide, and whose business has dispersed across the globe with business lines covering over 130 countries and regions, the CRCC-Future Vision is committed to ushering in a brand new residential civilization and lifestyle for the future habitation of Wenzhou City with the strong support of the whole industrial chain advantages generated by the CRCC affiliated eight modules featuring project contracting,  survey and design consulting, real-estate, investment services, equipment manufacturing, material logistics, financial services, and emerging industries.

As the first future community project of Wenzhou’s Lucheng District, the CRCC-Future Vision is going to exemplify the future community anew in Zhejiang Province. The project affiliated Jixin Future Community ranks the first in investment among the four future communities of Wenzhou at present with a project investment budgeted at approximately RMB16.3 billion, and will also become the most populous future community as planned currently. The CRCC is set to undertake the construction of the Jixin campus of the municipal Experimental Middle School Group’s primary section (consists of 24 classes and the planning is right underway)and the construction of that of the group’s secondary section (consists of 42 classes and the planning is right underway), which will further enrich and optimize the educational resources in Lucheng District.

To meet the people’s demand and eagerness for a higher-quality life, the CRCC-Future Vision, as the starter of CRCC’s future community project, is devoted to putting into reality the nine envisioned scenes respectively for future neighborhood, education, health, business initiation, construction, transportation, low carbon, service and governing , and establishing a neoteric urban functional unit incorporating composite and ecologically-friendly attributes as well as a belonging sense.

When the global future clock points at Wenzhou, part of the global community, the CRCC, a Fortune Global 500 member and a central enterprise of China, will be dedicated to making concerted efforts with the pioneering Wenzhou spirit to delineate the future image of Wenzhou and inaugurate a new high for urban habitation!

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