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Garage Door Repair and Installation Available in Atascocita, Texas

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Garage Door Repair and Installation Available in Atascocita, Texas

October 08
00:33 2020
Garage Door Repair and Installation Available in Atascocita, Texas

The garage door is an essential part of any home. They help keep vehicles and the home safe while improving the overall curb appeal. Most people use their garage doors daily, but they do not take the time to inspect or examine their performance or condition.

Most homeowners do not pay much attention to their garage doors unless something goes wrong. It is essential for homeowners to fully understand that garage doors require regular inspections and maintenance to operate correctly. Therefore, calling the professionals at is so crucial. It is also a good idea to get to know the signs of a problem. Keep reading to learn what these signs are.

The Door Won’t Open or Close

An obvious sign of a problem is if the garage door will not open or close using the buttons like it usually does. If this happens, it is good to call the Overhead Door Company of Houston for repairs. There are several reasons this may occur. For example, it could be a bad connection between the control panel and door or caused by a malfunction.

To test the door, make sure there is not anything keeping it from closing. After doing that, test the controllers to ensure the door is not moving before calling a professional.

Slower Than Normal Response Time

Most people do not pay much attention to how quickly (or slowly) their door opens and closes. While this is true, they usually notice if things slow down a bit. Usually, the door should start to open or close within a few seconds of hitting the button. It should then move up or down slowly. It is a good idea to have the door inspected by a professional to determine the issue.

Garage Door Isn’t Balanced

Experts recommend that homeowners check the balance of the garage door at least one time per year. This is a process that requires the opener to be disconnected from the door manually. At this point, bring the door to the midway open point and leave it there. See what happens. It should not move up or down. If the door moves, there is probably an issue with the tension spring or other portions of the door. It is not smart to try to make the needed repairs alone, especially for someone who has no prior experience.

The Door Makes Too Much Noise

Older garage doors tend to be noisier than their modern counterparts. While this is true, the door should never be abnormally loud or squeaky. If strange or louder than usual sounds are noticed, there may be a problem with the opener or spring. Visiting and scheduling a repair is the best course of action at this point.

Never put off garage door repair. As time passes, the issues will get worse and wind up costing more to repair. Knowing some of the most common problems is the best way to ensure repairs are made and that the door continues to operate safely and effectively.

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