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Web Easibility Offers ADA & Section 508 Website Compliance Checker for free to help Websites stay out of Trouble.

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Web Easibility Offers ADA & Section 508 Website Compliance Checker for free to help Websites stay out of Trouble.

October 02
10:21 2020
Many business owners don’t realize that their websites, must be accessible by people with disabilities. Web Easibility are experts at getting websites ADA compliant, quickly, and reliably.

When most website owners think of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), they don’t think it is something they need to be very concerned with. The facts speak differently when it comes to ADA compliance for websites. Both the ADA and Section 508 demand a website to be compliant in several key areas so that they can be accessed by people suffering from several different disabilities. Not doing so involves fines, which can be quite large. And a whole bunch of websites are facing these issues. The good news is that help is out there for those who know where to look, for a professional ADA website compliance checker. Web Easibility is a firm specializing in getting websites caught up to speed. Web Easibility help protects your business from surprise fines, and other potentially massive headaches. The company is winning praise for its valuable ADA and Section 508 compliance services.

“Unless this change are made to your website immediately, one might be fine, for not have an ADA compliant website,” comments made by a spokesperson from Web Easibilitiy. “Trust us when we say this warning is not paranoid, it’s the new reality. Businesses and Governments all over are losing tons of money because of not being ADA or Section 508 Compliant. Taking care of this professionally before a problem presents itself is always a better choice than trying to become compliant after already receiving a fine. Using our ADA website compliance checker can determine if there is a problem.”

According to the company, when a business is not compliant there isn’t much they can do in response to avoid fines. This makes ADA and Section 508 compliance checked by a professional a smart way to have insurance in place to protect in these areas.

The number of complaints has skyrocketed since a 2019 supreme court judgment opened the doors for more fines and fees. Covid-19 has only made matters worse. These numbers should make any business that is not ADA compliant take things very seriously. In 2018, just in New York, there were over 1500 cases related to ADA compliances. 2019 saw more than 10,000 websites fine for not being ADA compliant. This number will rise to over 100,000 by the end of 2020 – ten times the number seen just a year before. So being proactive is the only smart move, in the opinion of nearly every expert in the area. Having an ADA compliant website is a must.

Web Easibilitiy is happy to offer a free site audit so businesses, organizations, and government agencies so that they can see if their website is ADA compliant. The feedback from clients has been completely positive. Chris S., from New York, recently said in a five-star review, “Our company didn’t really understand the need for ADA compliance for websites, and this was reflected in our presence online. Then one of the businesses we work with ran into trouble and we knew we needed to get caught up to speed. Thankfully, we discovered Web Easibility, which made becoming ADA compliant painless. Fully recommended.”

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