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Puzzle Company Blue Kazoo Only Offers 6 Puzzles but Has Sold Thousands

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Puzzle Company Blue Kazoo Only Offers 6 Puzzles but Has Sold Thousands

September 29
01:06 2020
Puzzle Company Blue Kazoo Only Offers 6 Puzzles but Has Sold Thousands
Customer reviews show that premium jigsaw puzzle brand Blue Kazoo has made the most of 2020 with high-quality pre-sales and by only offering select 1,000-piece puzzles.

While many in the puzzle industry were blindsided by the “puzzle rush” of 2020, jigsaw puzzle company Blue Kazoo was prepared for the spike and created thousands of new customers along the way.

Puzzle brands large and small scrambled in mid-2020 to meet unprecedented customer interest in jigsaw puzzles, but Blue Kazoo approached things differently. They were not immune to the shortages that affected the industry, but instead of marking their product “sold out” and awaiting the next order from their manufacturer, they offered pre-orders.

Counterintuitively, customers loved it. Thousands of puzzlers ordered Blue Kazoo puzzles, happy to ensure that the next batch off the factory line would include their selections.

Industry-wide, this surge of frantic interest has passed, allowing puzzle companies to keep their wares in stock again. But this hasn’t decreased demand for Blue Kazoo puzzles.

Josh Sowin, CEO and co-founder at Blue Kazoo, attributes this to extreme focus. “Other brands offer full libraries of puzzles — so many that some individual puzzles probably sit on the shelf for weeks without selling. That seems boring and hard. We offer just six. This allows us to make sure our product is as close to perfect as possible and to focus on pleasing the customers who love what we offer, limited though it is.”

This sentiment was echoed by Blue Kazoo’s fellow co-founder Abraham Piper: “We care about three things — meticulous design, perfect production, and ridiculously over-the-top customer service.”

For a small company (Blue Kazoo is currently a team of 7) the numbers seem to show that their strategy is effective. They have sold over 15,000 puzzles in the last quarter and — most importantly, they say — their customer feedback is “off-the-charts positive”.

Sowin almost radiates when he says, “We are proud and grateful that of the hundreds of reviews our customers have written, 90% are 5 stars. It feels really good. But I also feel like I shouldn’t be surprised. Our team works hard to make sure that two thumbs up will be the natural reaction to a Blue Kazoo puzzle.”

Blue Kazoo’s six puzzles are in two sets. Their Earth Series features 1,000-piece round puzzles of the earth, moon, and sun. All the images are high-resolution NASA photographs that were carefully curated to be unique as puzzles and aren’t available from any other brands. Their second bundle is a Color Series, featuring several 1,000-piece puzzles showing off the colors of the rainbow in various visual styles.

Josh and Abraham declined to describe a seventh, forthcoming puzzle to prevent copycats, but said it would be available to purchase well before Christmas.

As the holidays approach, Josh and Abraham expect another spike in puzzle interest, but they say they’re even more prepared for this rush than the first one. “Let’s just say our warehouse shelves might be sagging, but we won’t have to do pre-orders this time around.”

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