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Magic Band launches revolutionary hand-dispenser adjustable wristband to reduce outdoor contamination

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Magic Band launches revolutionary hand-dispenser adjustable wristband to reduce outdoor contamination

September 26
07:12 2020
Magic Band Sanitizer is an innovative hand-dispenser adjustable wristband that helps to sanitize hands yet without touching ambient surfaces.

Miami, Florida – September 26, 2020 – Bottled sanitizers are handy to keep oneself sanitized every now and then but it is its usage that poses users to serious outdoor contamination risks. In that light, leading retail store Magic Band has recently launched a breakthrough hand-dispenser adjustable wristband that, unlike bottled sanitizers, eliminates contact with any other item. Titled “Magic Band Sanitizer”, it’s a proprietary product of Magic Band and can be used by adults and kids alike.

“It’s about time you stop using the traditional bottled sanitizers. Every time you take out the bottle from inside your bag or pocket, you are forced to touch other surfaces and that eventually increases contamination risks further. What we need here is a sanitizing dispenser that will help us to sanitize our hands with little or no touch on other surfaces. We can’t prevent COVID-19 transmission unless we reduce our exposure to outdoor contamination risks. This is where our revolutionary hand-dispenser adjustable wristband Magic Band Sanitizer comes to the rescue”, stated a leading spokesperson from Magic Band.

The innovative hand-dispenser adjustable wristband serves as a mini hand sanitizer bottle while on-the-go yet without the disadvantages of bottled sanitizer. Users will simply need to fill up the dispenser with their chosen sanitizer and wrap the wristband around their wrist.  There is a button on top of the dispenser which dispenses the sanitizer inside on just a slight press. This way, users won’t need to store the sanitizer dispenser inside their pocket and touch all ambient surfaces while fishing them out and using them. The Magic Band wristband sanitizer dispenser can be clipped to purses and backpacks as well. The product comes with an adjustable wristband which can be customized as per the specific needs of the users.

“Our Magic Band Sanitizer is a breeze to use and can be used easily by kids and seniors too. All you would need to do here is to fill up the empty dispenser chamber with your preferred sanitizing gel or liquid using the refillable bottle and cap that come with the band. It’s to assure you, the band is intelligently designed to ensure liquid comes out only when the user needs it. There is no risk of spillage.”

The Magic Band Sanitizer wristband is a reusable product and can be filled repeatedly when a batch gets over. Also, the product is easy to maintain and every part is conveniently washable.

Speaking on, the spokesperson noted their innovative hand-dispenser wristband would make a great addition to trips and outdoor activities or adventures.

“Our hand-dispenser wristband would be a great companion for your kids when they are out on vacations or on school curriculum trips. With our wristband, you will always have the peace of mind knowing your child is able to sanitize himself/herself without exposing him/her to outdoor contamination risks. Adults would also find it handy to wear the wristband while going for office or shopping or at any place where washing hands could be challenging.”

The Magic Band Sanitizer comes in 5 colors – red, black, blue, purple and pink.

Users can shop for individual pieces or else family packs are also available. For more information, please visit

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