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Which Places Need To Install Explosion-Proof Combustible Gas Alarms

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Which Places Need To Install Explosion-Proof Combustible Gas Alarms

September 26
03:00 2020

For chemical, gas, metallurgy and other industrials, the gas monitor is an essential safety work. There will cause a fire or explosion accident even the casualties and property losses if the gases leakage or gather a lot in the environment that existing combustible and toxic gases. Therefore, it is very important to install a combustible /toxic gas detector alarm. Which places need to install explosion-proof combustible gas alarms? Let us tell you.

Chemical plant

Toxic gases are often encountered in the chemical industry. Such as the CL2, NH3, Phosgene, So2, So3, C2H6O4S and other gases. Most of these gases are corrosive and can cause acute poisoning when entering the human body through the respiratory tract, and have varying degrees of irritation to the eyes, respiratory tract mucosa and skin.


If the gas concentration in the coal mining layer is too high and reaches the explosion limit, the gas explosion can occur when there are detonating conditions (such as sparks caused by a shovel colliding with coal, electric switch arcs, etc.). It is also very dangerous to cause gas accumulation.

Large restaurant

It mainly uses natural gas or bottled liquefied petroleum gas in a restaurant and usually uses open fire in the restaurant kitchen, Once a gas leak occurs, the consequences are disastrous.

Gas station

The gas station mainly stores gasoline, diesel and kerosene and other petroleum products. Its main component is a compound of carbon and hydrogen. They are at great risk of fire and explosion. When the concentration of gasoline vapor in the air is 1.4-7.6%, it can explode violently when it encounters a fire source, and its power is several times that of TNT explosive.


Poultry feces will produce harmful gases such as NH3, H2S and amines. Ammonia is a colorless gas with a strong irritating smell. It can burn the skin, eyes, and mucous membranes of respiratory organs. If people inhale too much, it will cause lung swelling. , And even death.

Ammonia cold storage

There is much large-scale cold storage in China that uses ammonia as a refrigerant. Once ammonia leaks, it will cause huge damage to people and goods.When liquid ammonia is exposed to the air, it will quickly vaporize into ammonia. When the human body is acutely poisoned by inhalation of ammonia, it may even cause coma, confusion, convulsions, heart failure and respiratory arrest, and it is prone to combustion and explosion accidents. When the volume fraction of ammonia in the air reaches 11%-14%, ammonia can be burned if there is an open flame. When the volume fraction reaches 16%-28%, there is a danger of explosion when encountering an open flame.

Today we share just a small part of usage application. Combustible/ toxic also widely used in food safety, aerospace, medicine, agriculture and another area. There is a great help for our product life to choose a high performance combustible/ toxic gases.

HENGKO offers a wide variety of standard gas sensors for you to choose with more than 2 years of service life. Custom designs are also available by request.

Hengko gas sensor explosion-proof shell made of porous mental and Non-porous parts, The sintering and flame arrestor provides a gas diffusion path for the sensing element while maintaining the fire integrity of the component. HENGKO stainless steel gas detector explosion-proof shell with Good flame-proof performance, especially suitable for use in flammable and explosive gas environment.

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