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Introduction To Common Faults Of Industrial Tablet Computers

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Introduction To Common Faults Of Industrial Tablet Computers

September 26
02:40 2020

As long as it is a machine, there will be failures, and industrial tablet computers are not listed. Next, let’s take a look at the introduction of common failures of industrial tablet computers brought by Da Xier editor.

1. No response when booting.

Solution: First make sure that the power of the industrial panel computer is turned on and all the cables are connected in place. In most cases, it is caused by forgetting to plug the power plug into the motherboard. Simply connect the motherboard power plug of the power supply to the motherboard to solve the problem.

2. The display does not light up when the industrial tablet computer is turned on, and the rest is normal. Solution: Gently shake the signal line between the graphics card and the display. If the problem is solved, you need to reconnect the display and the graphics card. Be sure to tighten the screws on the signal line.

3. After booting, stay in Windows for a long time, but cannot enter the system. Solution: This situation is mostly caused by the hard disk. First check whether the data cable and power cable of the hard disk are well connected.

This will happen if the connection is poor. Re-plug the data cable and power cable of the hard disk once, and ensure that the contact is good, then the j problem can be eliminated.

4. Some indicators of ADSL Modem are off.

Solution: When the ADSLModem is connected to the power supply, the power LED indicator will light up. If the LED indicator is off, check whether the power supply wiring is correct.

5. There is no sound when using TV card to play TV programs.

Solution: There are two situations, one may be due to a conflict between the sound card and the TV card, change the PC of the TV card! The slot knows to resolve the conflict to solve the problem; the other may be due to the audio input between the sound card and the TV card If there is no connection, find the installation manual of the TV card, and then connect the audio output interface of the TV card with the audio input interface of the sound card with the audio input cable attached to the TV card.

6. After the network is connected, the Ping command cannot be used to find the other party’s computer.

Solution: Generally speaking, either the network cable is blocked or the network card is not working properly. A general network card has two indicator lights, one is a power indicator, and the other is a data signal indicator. If the power light does not light up, it means that there is a problem with the network card itself or the motherboard card slot, which can be solved after replacement; the signal transmission light does not light up, it is related to the interface or the network cable, and the problem can be solved after checking one by one.

7. After the system is started, the desktop can be displayed, but the icons, menus, and toolbars are not displayed clearly, or the resolution of the monitor cannot be adjusted, and the image is rough.

Solution: It may be caused by the loss of the graphics card driver. You can reinstall the graphics card driver to solve the problem.

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