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United Roofing and Exteriors Returns to Work Following COVID

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United Roofing and Exteriors Returns to Work Following COVID

September 24
23:12 2020

Fall time is the best time to update your roofing, and now that United Roofing is back following COVID, give them a call!

Upgrading a Home in Fall Time

Autumn is the best time to upgrade the roofing on the home, or the siding and exteriors. Fall is the best time to repair your roof because the weather is not too cold or too hot. The weather is comfortable for the construction crew who are working on them. In the months before the temperatures hit freezing, getting a new roof allows the shingles to adhere properly, ensuring protection for the winter weather. Waiting too long can cause shingles to weaken and have a higher chance of breaking apart. Waiting too long can also prevent the shingles from adhering properly.

Spring and Summer Weather Damage

Just like roofs weakening from the harsh winters, spring storms and summer heat can do just as much damage. The protective layer above the shingles can be washed away from heavy rains and hail, and hot sun can damage and dry out the shingles, causing the tiles to eventually dissolve.

Snow in the Forecast

You never know what each winter can bring, and old roofs can only withstand so much weather and the weight of the snow until they collapse. Heavy ice and snow buildup can separate shingles causing heat to leave your attic and water to drip into the home. With freezing temperatures, the water in the cracks expand leaving an even bigger tea, and worsen the water damage in the home.

What’s the Fix?

United Roofing and Exteriors is Regina’s premier choice out of all roofing company in Regina. With an incredibly experienced team of hard-working individuals, there is no better group to trust with a renovation as big as a roof. United Roofing shingles are woven with fiberglass, which makes them even stronger. Fiberglass singles are made with less asphalt that is needed to give the shingles their usual durability and strength; this makes them a lighter and more environmentally friendly option than traditional organic mat asphalt shingles.

Nailing Down Quality Shingles

For decades, United Roofing has been known to provide high quality services to the residents of Regina and area. The team uses quality products from trusted suppliers, and provide a level of professionalism not often seen by roofing companies in Regina. United Roofing and Exteriors uses suppliers from Saskatchewan, to keep the business as local as possible. The workmanship of the team speaks to the high quality of work the team expects from all contractors! United Roofing strives to provide the absolute best customer service possible, which you can see if you ever work with them. Do you want more information?

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