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1000 Islands Addiction Rehab Provides a Range of Alcohol Addiction Treatment Advice and Toll Free Helpline

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1000 Islands Addiction Rehab Provides a Range of Alcohol Addiction Treatment Advice and Toll Free Helpline

September 23
19:26 2020
Thousand Islands, ON Rehabilitation Center Offers Range of Guidance and Solutions to Alcohol Dependency.

Alcohol addiction is one of if not the most abused substance in the world. Not only that, but addictions to alcohol can be hard for the patient to recognize or be diagnosed with simply due to the commonality of it.

Because of the broad availability of alcohol and the relatively cheap costs it can be purchased at compared to other substances, accessing it on almost any budget is almost always possible. Similarly, alcohol’s social acceptance and desirability can also mask addictions, since going out and partying on a regular basis can often mask an actual addiction – even to the individual consumer themselves.

This means that while overconsumption is taking place, either the consumer does not realize that their intake is too high, or they consider it socially acceptable and therefore not falling into the category of a potential health problem.

Because of the social connotation of drinking and the activities that go with it are normalized within society, the side effects of it are very often not taken as seriously as those of drugs. Alcohol-related mishaps and hangovers are laughed off and recounted as part of the ‘night out’ experience, and as a result it becomes a relatively normal thing to see someone under the influence of alcohol and dismiss it – even when the setting for the alcohol abuse is not in a ‘normal’ setting such as a bar or nightclub.

Because of this normalizing of alcohol abuse and the side effects it causes, the loved ones and colleagues of the person in question often have no idea that there is a more serious problem taking place. This means that by the time the person seeks help or someone else raises the alarm, the situation is a lot more serious and out of control than it would have been if the extent of the problem had been realized earlier. Consequently, the risk of further addiction and more severe withdrawal issues are heightened because the situation and dependency have become more serious before professionals can become involved.

If people are made more aware of the early signs of the problems related to alcohol, the chances of obtaining the required help to alleviate the situation sooner are improved. The sooner a person’s alcohol abuse problem is fully realized and recognized, the chances of the problem becoming more acute and severe are also reduced, and ongoing health problems as a result can be minimized. In addition to preventing health problems relating to alcohol abuse before they take full hold, diagnosing and taking positive steps to alleviate alcohol addiction can also help to save relationships, careers and other important aspects of lives.

1000 Islands Addiction Rehab also offers a toll free helpline for people to discuss alcohol related issues, or for family or friends to report a potential addiction. 

About 1000 Islands Addiction Rehab

1000 Islands Addiction Rehab is a Thousand Islands, Toronto residential alcohol and drug rehabilitation center. The facility provides a remote and relaxing location for patients to get the treatment they need, while still being accessible enough for family and other loved ones to visit over the course of a patients’ stay at the center.

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